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Development Updates

During the last month, the Cartesi team worked toward several important milestones, including releasing our updated roadmap for 2021.

Additional development fronts the team worked on are:

  • Implementation of Descartes Rollups, which will implement optimistic roll-ups with interactive dispute resolution on Cartesi’s architecture. This will allow smart contracts to be coded with mainstream software. We released our detailed article on this, read all about Cartesi Rollups!
  • Architecture and design decisions for Noether, Cartesi’s high-performance data availability side-chain.
  • Technical discussions and hands-on support for Creol, SimThunder, and Carti, the 3 projects in the Incubation Program. We will be announcing the Gitcoin Grants round for the 3 projects soon, stay tuned!
  • Continued progress on a brand new Cartesi game to be released soon.
  • Completion of the Descartes 1.0 SDK software, we are now working on the documentation for this in order to announce the full release.
  • Continued progress in the development of Noether’s PoS v1.1. Additionally, the team has concluded the design phase of Noether’s PoS delegation system.
  • Continued progress on other low-level developments, including improvements to the Cartesi Machine.

We highly encourage any developer willing to use or collaborate with Cartesi to contact us on Discord. See you there!

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