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Ethereum’s latest network upgrade, Berlin, has finally gone live on Thursday. However, it wasn’t without issue causing various problems due to out-of-sync nodes for companies and services that rely on the Ethereum software client, OpenEthereum.

Coinbase, one of the affected services released a statement indicating they have disabled ETH and ERC-20 withdrawals.

“We have disabled ETH & ERC-20 withdrawals while we investigate a potential issue with the recent network upgrade. Receives will also be delayed,” Coinbase’s status page reads as of press time

Other firms, including BitGo and Coin Metrics, have also been impacted by the out-of-sync block.

Ledger stated its users’ ETH balance in the Ledger Live app may have issues and might not update due to the Berlin upgrade issue, and new transactions won’t be shown.

Developers for both OpenEthereum as well as the network’s core developer team are working on a fix, according to a statement from data service provider Etherscan.

“The OpenEthereum team and core developers are aware of the syncing issues facing the OE [OpenEthereum] client and are working to diagnose and fix,” Etherscan said in a message posted to its website.

The issue occurred on block 12,244,294, shortly after Berlin went live at block number 12,244,000, according to Etherscan.

The OpenEthereum client is responsible for nearly 12 percent of all nodes of the second blockchain, according to the Ethernodes dashboard.

Cypherpunk and CTO of Casa Bitcoin, a maximalist Jameson Lopp noted the error in a tweet on Twitter.

The Ethereum Berlin hard fork is the fifth network upgrade in Ethereum’s history, after December 2019’s Istanbul. Berlin will further help prepare the Ethereum network for its coming 2.0 upgrade, shifting away from Proof Of Work (POW) to Proof Of Stake (Proof Of Stake.) The hard fork also changed the way that gas fees work to alleviate pressure on the network.

At the time of this article, Ethereum seems to have ignored the issue, and it’s surging towards $2,500. Watch Ben from Bitboy Crypto explain in the livestream below!

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