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Ethereum-Based Game SkyWeaver Has Launched Season 0

The forthcoming free-to-play blockchain game SkyWeaver, which based on card game from Horizon Blockchain Games, has launched its final closed-beta season. An announcement from Horizon last week stated that season 0 of SkyWeaver has started.

Season 0 of SkyWeaver allows players to collect cards by using Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as in-game items. The players can use them within the game or trade them on secondary markets.

The in-game items which are earned during season 0 will not be able to be used once SkyWeaver enters open-beta. Players who rank among the highest 500 in either of the game’s modes will be gifted a ‘gold card’ and they can use within the open-beta version.

SkyWeaver’s open-beta version is set to launch before 2021.

SkyWeaver is Coming Soon!

SkyWeaver consists of two distinct modes of gameplay, and players can earn and own Ethereum-based in-game digital assets. In ‘discovery’ mode, players are given a random deck of cards that they do not keep, but are used to earn gold cards by winning.

Once the player collects enough cards, they can play in ‘constructed’ mode, where they can choose to build their deck by using the cards that they possess. On the live platform, there will be normal, silver, and gold cards. Normal cards are stored within the game, while the silver and gold cards are owned by players.

Players can buy silver cards from Horizon, but they have to play well to earn gold cards which exist as in-game bonuses. Gold cards are also rare, as their issuance is controlled, and simply can't be created on a whim.

Interesting In-Game Items

When there is any disruption to gameplay, which could unexpectedly impact the market value of gold cards, Horizon is in charge of who can modify the stats of a card. Overall this is an interesting platform, which could prove to be very popular.

The project is also well funded, which should help it to get the game into the hands of an interested online gaming community.

Horizon announced on March 7 that it had secured $5 million USD in funds from Initialized Capital, which is the investment firm co-founded by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. In 2019, Initialized Capital also gave Horizon’s $3.75 million USD in the funding seed round.

The realm of blockchain-based games is new, but it is growing. Because many of these games allow users to own items that are outside of the control of the game manufacturer, they offer something unique in the world of online gaming.

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