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Ethereum 1.x Will be Upgraded to Focus on ‘Stateless Clients’

Ethereum 2.0 is coming soon according to sources that are close to the project. But it looks like a group of Ethereum developersis are focusing on the existing chain, Ethereum 1.x, to maintain its operability during the transition.

Ethereum 1.x is the project which aims to maintain Ethereum’s (ETH) usability while the Serenity upgrade is being rolled out.

The developers have found small degradations of performance due to the continuous growth of the blockchain. Full nodes currently need to download and process the entirety of Ethereum’s history, which currently 'weighs' over 200 gigabytes.

Ethereum is Well Supported

Node operation and network latency will likely be affected by further blockchain growrth. The Ethereum blockchain grows by 10-15 GB every month. Also, the slightly separate issue of “state bloat” could make block verification harder.

The state is one of Ethereum’s key technology concepts. It is known as a representation of the collective memory of all smart contracts and all current wallet balances. Each transaction makes modifications to the overarching state and leads to bloat as time goes on.

Stateless Clients may Help

Pruning and deleting certain unneeded blockchain data could mitigate storage requirements, but it’s complex to implement. Ethereum 1.x is introducing the concept of “stateless clients.” Instead of storing the entire state that clients will simply compute the changes to it from a previous block by using “block witnesses” to ensure their validity.

The benefits are noted to be significant though some nodes will still need to maintain the entire state.

Ethereum 1.x is known as developed under the full patronage of the EF. While both blockchain are both under the same umbrella, the 1.x code base will be separate from 2.0.

James Hancock, the team coordinator for the 1.x project, explained to Cointelegraph when is asked about how the various phases of Ethereum 2.0 will interact with it:

“Phase 0 implemented will still have Eth1.X as a separate codebase. Phase 0 is a bridge, and although the transition is gradual between Eth1 and Eth2, pay attention to the state, as in the contract and storage state of Ethereum. Where that goes, Ethereum goes.”

No Hard Fork

There is a possibility that a contentious hard fork like Ethereum Classic, Hancock added that the 1.x team has no intention of creating a separate chain:

He commented:

“The Freedom to Fork is maintained throughout the entire process. The same as it is today, and as it should be in my opinion. Theoretically possible, yes. Is it planned by the Eth1.X team? No.”

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