Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

Huobi Prime Launching LOL (Emogi)

It may sound funny, but LOL is no joke. The latest crypto project to be featured as an IEO on Huobi Prime could be one of its biggest. There is a lot of internal and external excitement about this project.

Huobi Prime is Huobi's IEO launching program to help what they deem to be worthy cryptocurrencies have a token sale. The LOL sale will launch on August 15th.

Emogi is a peer to peer digital currency that is going to be focused on helping people take part in the global economy even if they do not live near a bank. The project will focus on areas such as Latin America that have a high population of unbanked people.

As part of the Emogi launch, there will be an airdrop for IOST voters. Emogi is an IRC-20 token built on the IOST blockchain. To receive the initial LOL airdrop, IOST Voters must have their votes staked via their mainnet wallets or staking pools by 13:00 UTC on August 13th.

The initial airdrop of LOL will be sent to IOST voters on August 16th. There is also a long term airdrop that will see 5 airdrops lasting a month over the next 5 years in August.

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