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Domi Online is delighted to share our first monthly developer update!

Hello Domi-nators! My name is David and I’m the Lead Developer on Domi Online. Welcome to our first monthly development diary, which we will be releasing moving forward to showcase what the team is working on, show the progress and some cool behind-the-scenes material. As we are in the pre-alpha stage of Domi Online, things you see in these diaries will most likely change as development progresses, so please take everything with a pinch of salt.

About the Writer

Before we begin let me introduce myself. I have been a game developer for over 10 years and in that time I have worked at a number of different companies, with my last major role being Technical Developer at Jagex on RuneScape.

My role there was to work on systems and complex gameplay features that are usually not player friendly. The biggest projects I undertook during my time at Jagex were RuneScape Mobile and The Mining and Smithing Rework, which required significant rewrites of old gameplay systems to make them more efficient and run better on mobile devices. As RuneScape is over 20 years old there were a lot of systems all in different states of quality that were in need of maintenance.

After leaving Jagex, I became a contractor working on lots of different projects from mobile, desktop games, and VR, and now I am working on Domi Online. This is amazing as it satisfies my love of MMOs and building complex systems but with a great design vision and cutting-edge NFT and blockchain technology.

With that out of the way, let us talk about what we are working on. On to our January diary!


As combat is a fundamental part of Domi Online, we want to make sure we get it right. For this we are taking our time, iterating constantly, with our main objective for January being to build the core systems we need:

  • Abilities (Casting, channelling, cooldowns)

We are making very good progress on our systems and we hope to get the majority of it done by the time we post the next diary in February. So far this month Vlad has been focusing on the abilities and interaction system, targeting as well as animations and overall responsiveness of the player character when engaged in combat.

Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022

Database System

MMOs have lots of content: items, quests, NPCs, skills, and dialogue lines, so Pavel has been working on a system to help us manage all of it easily. In practical terms, it’s a database that stores everything, which you can see below.

0*81H5QFipGWZW wQk Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022

The screenshot shows the ability Charge and as you can see not everything about the ability has been finalized yet. This is part of the combat tasks for January and we will be constantly adding more data to these objects and the database system as we progress.

Inventory and Items

This is the area of the game on which we have made the most progress this month, with Hosein completing players’ inventory, looting, dynamic backpack sizes, and the dropping and picking up of items in the last month.

We are still working on equipment, which is part of the tasks related to combat and the look and feel of the UI. We will showcase more of this system when we are closer to the final look and behaviour of the interfaces.

Placeholder graphics — UI including backpacks and tooltips is a work in progress.

0*IKNdkg3q7V4ALwsr Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022
Player’s backpack with some ham
0*3U5p3bwJaAk AObl Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022
Tooltip when hovering the mouse over an item

We also have basic shop keepers in place and are able to buy and sell you stuff, exciting!


Another core feature that we have started to plan and design is quests, which is one of the driving features of the game, directing players across the world. The team is having regular meetings to make sure we build a great system that handles all the different types of quests we want to make in a way that is super easy to set up, but for now these are in pre-production stages and we will showcase quests in a future diary.

Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022


As you might have seen, we have been showcasing some of the items Aleksei has been working on via social media, but let me show you a few extra ones. The team focus in January is to continue working on new armour and weapons but also to continue the world-building of Domi, with elements like buildings, trees, terrain, and lighting. Check out some screenshots below.

0* Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022
Concept art for ranged weapons
0*W1Kf Mbm0BGJd6WK Domi Online Developer Diary January, 2022
Terrain tests and explorations
Lighting and glass effects


William and Roman from the audio team have been busy working on SFX and music and now we have working terrain sounds. This means when the player runs around the world their footsteps will sound different depending on which terrain they are crossing.

We still need to polish when the audio is triggered but we do plan on replacing our current animation in the future.

Here is an early look at some music tracks, Domi Capital and Forest South of Dwarf Village.


Loi has been busy working on the network side of things. We have a test build with multiple players running around. However, our current focus is databases. We are reaching a point in development where we need the ability to grab data from the server. For example, the player’s level, name, and equipment.

Wrapping Up

January has been a busy month. We have a lot of areas currently in progress, but most of it is in quite an early stage and behind the scenes. In our next diary, we will be able to showcase a lot more of our combat system, including the first look at actual combat.

About Domi Online

Domi Online offers players an expansive medieval metaverse filled with forests, caves, and deserts among other varied and secret-filled areas open to discovery, adventure, and ultimate domination. Domi’s elite development team shares a rich history, including work on the world’s largest free MMORPG of all time, Runescape.

Featuring gameplay that incentivizes a player’s commitment to developing in-game skills and to increasing in-game status through an intricate leveling system, in a world featuring premier graphics and design, Domi Online ushers in a new era for first-person POV MMORPGs. An active community of gamers is the engine that drives the engagement and sustainability of Domi’s play-to-earn model into new realms of gaming experience.

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