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It’s no secret that Defi is here to stay and is improving faster than a white rabbit running away from some murderous playing cards. But Defi isn’t just an Ethereum game. It’s spread out all across the cryptoverse with robust and innovative products on several blockchains from Solana, Binance Smart Chain and most recently Avalanche. The gains are amazing and really give your portfolio a boost. But there is one defi project that is sitting on a tree branch, grinning from ear to ear; looking down at all the others. It’s coins go by the name of TIME, MEMORY and MIM which stands for Magic Internet Money. But before you pull out your vorpal blade against a rug pull…take a minute and look at the contract, the DAO behind these tokens and most importantly…the returns. 90,000 % APY. In this video we look into the looking glass of WONDERLAND.

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