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Dash to be a Cloud-Based Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Dash is evolving through the launch of a platform which facilitates a blockchain-validated user data space and a decentralized API. Payment-oriented cryptocurrency Dash is revealing in-depth insights into its new platform, allowing access to data stored in a decentralized cloud framework through the network.

Kicked off in 2014 and announced "Dash evolution" in 2015, the Dash team has formed in mind the ideas to progress advanced features of cryptocurrency. The next Dash Platform has been built based on that concept. There will be four features implemented to the Dash Platform, including a Dash Drive, a decentralized API, or DAPI, a username layer, or DPNS, and the Dash platform protocol, or DPP.

Dash is Getting Better

Mark Mason, Dash’s Manager of Marketing and PR, explained what the business really means by "turning Dash into a decentralized cloud" in comments to media.

He stated,

“Dash Platform is an application development platform that leverages the Dash masternode network and blockchain by transforming the p2p network into a decentralized cloud.”

Through the distributed and decentralized programming interface-DAPI, customers can incorporate their applications into the Dash Platform. In the meantime, Dash Drive serves these customers by sending, saving and retrieving application information and by querying the blockchain over a basic user interface.

In Mason’s words, “One key advantage of DAPI is that it provides developers with the same access and security of a full node, without the cost and maintenance overhead.”

New Features!

The Dash Platform acts as a data source or DBaaS for its initial launch of MVP. To achieve this goal, it will use data contracts for applications that store its data in the Dash masternode system with particular data structures. In exchange, this data is certified via the Dash’s blockchain.

Speaking of the chief motive behind the launch of its new platform, Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group's CEO pointed out Dash's aim to fully integrate the, “user experience of a centralized solution with the decentralized benefits of a permissionless network like Dash.”

Cloud functionality in the application ensures that all network data is synchronized between user devices such as laptops, desktops and smartphones.

The Dash Network Name Service, or DPNS, layer, supports new human-readable usernames as signatures rather than alphanumeric cryptographic addresses. Members of the platform can build usernames on the layer, "friend" other users and accept invitations from friends. Transactions on DASH are also managed using those names.

Dash believes that moving forward to user-friendly interfaces and turning into a decentralized platform will motivate more cryptocurrency adoption, rather than sticking with complex cryptographic identifiers.

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