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Cybersecurity Company Kaspersky Launches Blockchain Technology for Voting

Blockchain voting is gaining more popularity in the United States. Some of the leading blockchain companies understand the potential of blockchain products in the voting space. Kaspersky Lab is working on a new voting system that is based in blockchain.

Kaspersky Lab is a cybersecurity firm that monitors the cryptocurrency industry and emerging digital assets. It revealed a new type of a blockchain-based voting machine using Polys, which was released in November 2017. The new platform designed to be an effective and secure way to vote online.

Voters will be issued unique QR codes or token. These can be scanned, which allows them to cast their votes on one of the new voting machines. Using blockchain would likely help to cut voter fraud, and also allow more people to vote.

Kaspersky Could be on to Something

Any elections running with the new system from Kaspersky would work with distributed ledger technology. The vote would be encrypted and the link between the voter who cast it would be verified. Voters would then be able to confirm their vote had been recorded on the blockchain.

By verifying that each voter receives only one vote for each election or primary, this method can reduce the likelihood of fraud and also eliminate the need for many polling places in urban centers where internet connections are generally reliable.

Online voting also has certain disadvantages. Using Blockchain on mobile devices for voting would allow voters to cast their ballots remotely, which might open up new ways to cheat the system. Some voters who do not access to a smartphone, computer, or high-speed internet connection would also be at a disadvantage.

It isn't All or Nothing

Polling stations and booths for voting in person could also be maintained, which would give voters the option of using these blockchain-based voting machines.

The Project Lead for Polys Roman Aleshkin said:

“...if physical polling stations were to be closed completely, it would deprive and alienate certain groups of people from taking part in an election and making their voice heard. That is why we introduced our new voting machines. Working together with the online platform, they allow citizens to vote using the method they prefer, in a convenient and transparent way.”

Like any digital system, the risk of hacking and data breaches exist. There is also the possibility the system will not work as intended, which may paint using blockchain for elections in a negative light.

Kaspersky and other companies that want to further digitize elections have to face the challenges of maintaining the integrity of the electoral process. While the current system isn't perfect, many people may be put off by using new technologies in the political process.

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