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CryptoXpress’ latest partnership is one that will allow for the platform to truly begin bridging traditional banking with the future of finance.

CryptoXpressModularFinance CryptoXpress Announces Partnership with Modulr Finance

CryptoXpress today announces its partnership with Modulr, a global leader in payments services. Through this collaboration, CryptoXpress customers will soon be able to deposit Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euros (EUR) directly into their CryptoXpress accounts via FPS and SEPA bank wire transfers in the UK and EU.

What this means for CryptoXpress users, is that they will soon be able to invest in 1000+ cryptocurrency pairs, NFTs, and many other digital assets and services in the future, simply by making a simple transfer from their personal banking account!

This new feature will bring the CryptoXpress platform one step closer to becoming the de facto crypto-wallet solution of the future.

Ultimately, this will lead to CryptoXpress offering personalized UK and EU accounts, to all eligible customers, later in the year.

Who is Modulr Finance?

Modulr Finance is an authorized Electronic Money Institution regulated by the UK’s FCA and the Central Bank of Ireland in the EU. It offers best-in-class payments as a service (PaaS) technologies and currently supports some of the world’s leading fintech applications including the multibillion-dollar Revolut platform.

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Modulr Finance counts Visa and Mastercard as two of its partners, and along with its entire partner ecosystem, is able to offer comprehensive and end-to-end banking solutions within the EU and UK markets.

CryptoXpress Announces Partnership with Modulr Finance

What is CryptoXpress?

CryptoXpress will democratise and simplify traditional financial services for a new generation. Started by a group of experienced global blockchain experts, the company provides an easy-to-use mobile app to access a range of crypto and banking digital services. A best-in-class user experience to buy/trade crypto, access NFT marketplaces, conduct payments and digital transfers, and access other exclusive loyalty, retail and member benefits.

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