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Cryptos Look Pretty Sweet Amid the Great Reset

Let's be totally honest here – the modern political class is totally inept, and anyone who trusts them with so much as a paperclip is making a very foolish choice.

The current political reaction to COVID-19 is the perfect example. The whole world is shut down for a virus that is perhaps as deadly as the seasonal flu (highly dependent on the nation in question). I am not a doctor, and I am pulling that stat from a reliable source you can see by clicking here.

So...a virus that seems to be a like a new yearly flu is cause to shut down the global economy, and plunge billions of people into poverty. Businesses are closing, and many aren't coming back.

The answer – according to the World Economic Forum – is a “Great Reset”.

This ideas was presumably cooked up by the same political class that decided to shut the planet down, and keep it shuttered for more than six months. The question of why anyone has faith in these clowns is beyond reason – but somehow they stay in power.

Be Real About Stupid

COVID-19 is no doubt killing people. How many is a weird question, as it is hard to reconcile a 0.04 deaths per 1,000 citizens rate in Uganda with 62.37 in the UK, where socialized medicine is free to all.

The British Royal Family, by the way, seems to be on board with the Great Reset. What that might entail will be revealed later this year at Davos, when the global overlords come for their annual pow-wow.

We can be sure that the brightest minds in economics will have a new plan for the world – assuming the US can avoid open war with China, or revolutions and civil wars don't sweep though the developed nations who have been at the head of the trough since the Second World War ended.

Make no mistake, the plan that is coming will be terrible – and unless it involves a paper clip eating contest at Davos 2021 – with no medical attention afterwards – be sure to have your own plan in place.

Cryptos Seem Pretty Neat

I am not here to tell you that one crypto is better than another one – or that you will make millions of USD if you buy the next hot token. What I am saying is that cryptos are widely accepted globally, and some pretty big names have piled into the space over the last few years.

The brain trust at Davos dosen't give a F$%& about you, and their Great Reset won't be great for anyone. This group of forward-thinking nitwits actually believe they can control the chaos that the “Blindingly Stupid Shutdown of 2020” has unleashed – and I know they can't.

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