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Fortune favours the Brave: a Latin proverb that was first used thousands of years ago in military combat, and it’s still relevant today. We see it in technological advancement, and in everyday people taking risks to make big changes in their lives, and in the world. We know fortune favours the bold in crypto; investing hard earned fiat currency into blockchain projects that our research tells us could one day change the world for the better. The crypto community has chosen to be brave with our investing and find new ways to build wealth, and make investments in new ideas about how our online experiences should serve us. Blockchain: the ultimate ledger for finance, contracts, and web services. In an overnight revolution, like taking down the Halloween decorations and immediately putting up the Christmas tree, crypto investing has moved out of the shadows and is now centre-stage in mainstream media and investing., the well-known payment solution and trading platform, is a leader in bringing crypto assets to the mainstream. With over 10 million users worldwide, it’s a top-five app in the App store and Google play. Now, has upped the ante by creating trailblazing partnerships with the UFC, and Formula One, making deals with and Matt Damon, and offering a massive Paddock Club Hospitality pass giveaway.

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