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With 72 hours to go for the Chain Mainnet launch, we are excited to share what is coming up next. Here are the five major releases; all five are being developed in parallel, but the sequence is indicative of what comes first.



  • On-chain NFT support

Phase 2: DRACO II

Coin Issuance and Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Native coin issuance
  • Interact with side chain and execute ETH-based smart contracts

Phase 3:  TUCANA III

Decentralized Exchange with Automated Market Making

  • Native AMM protocol based on Uniswap model, with improvements

Phase 4: HYDRUS I

Smart contract

  • On-chain smart contract with CosmWasm – an engine that supports multiple programming languages
  • Enabling many Dapps and DeFi products


Decentralized Finance and Oracles

  • Bridge with oracle protocols such as Chainlink and Band protocol to empower smart contracts

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