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Youtuber Jason Appleton known as Crypto Crow interviewed Celsius’ Alex Mashinsky and Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson where the three discussed a myriad of topics from — crypto, partnerships, regulations, dating advice, to the pandemic, and the evil banks.

During the event, Mashinsky announced that Celsius would add Cardano (ADA) to its app by Q2 of 2021.  Crow also asked Mashinsky and Hoskinson when Celsius would be moved to Cardano due to high fees on the Ethereum network? Mashinsky responded and expressed that he was paying out of pocket for withdrawal fees for Celsius users. Adding, that he “couldn’t wait to get off of Ethereum’s network and work on moving over to Cardano.”

However, Mashinsky stated that it would be a “technological challenge to integrate Cardano with many expected bugs.” Regardless, Mashinsky said that Celsius would begin the transition to Cardano’s blockchain, joking that otherwise, he would go broke by paying all the withdrawal fees of his users.  Mashinsky said that last year alone he paid $500,000 out of pocket, adding that this year he plans to pay “5x that with the increase of the Ethereum price.”

Hoskinson also revealed that in the future on Cardano projects would be able to allow users to pay fees in their native tokens, unlike Ethereum.

Crow also brought up the gamified social media site SoMee.Social stating that he wants both projects to integrate with SoMee as well.  Which, Mashinsky seemed to shoot down the idea stating that “you don’t need social media or anything else, all you need is yield.” Although, SoMee is a fork of Steemit which provides yield to its users that are staking voting power within the system.

Besides cryptocurrency, the three men shared various stories and jokes including some about Hoskinson’s third passion in life cows, as well as talked about the state of the world with the current pandemic gripping the world.  The two men offered a bleak outlook for the years ahead noting that we are only at the start of this pandemic and there would be everlasting effects on both society and the economy. Mashinsky and Hoskinson also agreed that the world is moving digital.

This is something that Bitboy Crypto believes strongly noting in a previous interview with Akon, real name, Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, and his team for Akoin that we are facing a “digitalization revolution.”

You can watch the full informative historic interview with Crypto Crow, Alex Mashinsky, and Charles Hoskinson in the video below.

Celsius is currently trading at {FIAT: $5.90] DOWN -8.6% and Cardano is trading at [FIAT: 0.220534] in the last 24 hours according to Coingecko at the time of this report.