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Cryptocurrency tax filing made simple

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Following the launch of Tax for Canada, we’re excited to share that this service is now available to users in the U.S. Tax makes it easy to file complicated crypto taxes at no cost. This service enables users to quickly generate accurate and organised tax reports, including transaction history and records of short/long-term capital gains and losses, as well as other crypto-related taxable and non-taxable transactions.

Users can import crypto transaction records from supported exchanges and wallets by uploading a CSV file, or using API synchronisation with major platforms like the App. In a matter of minutes, Tax is able to provide users with an estimation of taxable gains/losses on relevant crypto transactions, which can then be downloaded for tax filing in the reporting format of their choice, including IRS forms and tax filing software.

This service is tailored to meet U.S. tax requirements. We worked with professional tax advisers to make sure that the calculation logic is consistent with available guidance and laws for filing crypto taxes in the U.S.

Try It Now.

For more information, please refer to the FAQ or reach out to us via the in-app chat. We’re here to help.

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