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Unstoppable Domains is giving a big promotion to anyone who uses Pay. The promo was announced in a Tweet on May 27, 2020. This is a great chance to get an Unstoppable Domain! Pay users who purchase a domain with Pay during the next 7 days will receive 30% off a domain ($15 off max) and get 10% back when they pay with CRO.

In addition to having great connections with a number of prominent crypto-focused businesses, offers MCO Visa cards, which allow you to spend your cryptos like cash with a Visa debit card.

If you are interested in using cryptos for everyday purchases, please click right here. In addition to getting one of the best crypto debit cards on the market, you will also get a $50 USD rebate just for signing up!

Unstoppable Domains Pay Promotion


Starting: May 27, 2020

Ending: June 02, 2020

In addition, for the people who retweet the Unstoppable Domains’ tweet are be able to have a chance for winning $500 in $CRO.

About Pay Pay is a payment platform that uses CRO as its native on-chain digital asset.

It allows users to pay Online by the “Pay With” button.

Physical Merchants are able to accept cryptocurrency payments with a simple QR code-based payment system that can be implemented onto 99% of payment systems by simply inserting a line of code.

Pretty cool stuff!

About is a cryptocurrency company launched in 2017.

In the beginning, the firm offered VISA-powered payment cards in 2017, then expanded its services to several new directions. now offers many attractive VISA-backed rewards cards as well as an easy-to-use payment app.

Other interested features include trading, lending, borrowing, and staking. There are two tokens for investors’ choice, including MCO and CRO. Both of which provide various benefits. is best known for its MCO Visa card, which offers a 5% cashback paid in cryptocurrency. Just click right here to signup for an MCO Visa card, and get a $50 USD rebate!

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains headquarters in San Francisco and builds domain on blockchains. The firm offers domains secured by blockchains and creates uncensorable websites.

By registering for the .zil domain extension with Unstoppable Domains, users are allowed to create websites that leverage the decentralized network for data storage.

Moreover, these domain names can also be used to replace crypto addresses. Instead of long and complex wallet addresses, users can use their .zil domain name to receive crypto payments.

In a world where information is increasingly dangerous to publish, Unstoppable Domains likely has a bright future. If you are interested in buying a blockchain-based web domain, please click right here!

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