Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong Exchange Trading Arena CRO Battle Ends Today!

The battle to win $10,000 in CRO and 1 BTC special bonus is ending today. will be giving away cash and BTC, and it won't be long now until we know who the winners are.

Some skilled participants will win some great prizes, and is behind this amazing promotion. There are $10,000 worth of CRO rewards and a 1 BTC special bonus for the people that decided to participate.

The CRO Battle is Almost Over!

The CRO Battle has been going on for a week, and it is almost over.

Here is a list of the prizes that are on the table:

Grand prize: US$2,000
Second prize: US$1,200
Third Prize: US$800
Fourth Prize: US$600
Fifth Prize: US$400

The rest of the eligible participants who joining the battle will share a $5,000 pool worth of CRO. Getting more CRO Net Buys volume means you will get more the share in the pool.

All eligible participants will have a chance to the 1 BTC Special bonus via a Lucky Draw. An eligible participant will be randomly selected for winning the 1 BTC special bonus. CRO Trading booster can also be used to increase your chances to win this Lucky Draw.

Battle Terms

As the competition ends, will conduct a randomized draw to determine winners and rewards. It has been an interesting week, and the winners will soon be in possession of their rewards! has the right to be able to disqualify trades, which are deemed to not follow market practices. also has the right to be able to cancel or amend the campaign rules at its sole discretion.

CRO rewards will be presented within 14 days after the campaign ends. By logging to Exchange, you can find your prize in your CRO wallet section.

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