Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong Completes Key Exchange Infrastructure Upgrades

In a recent press release from 18 June 2020, major cryptocurrency announced that several upgrades to its platform, including a Revamped Matching Engine, OMS (Order Management System), and unified REST and Websocket API, were all on-line.

By applying the upgraded versions, the company claimed that it will lead to a 10x increase in performance and throughput. These upgrades are preparing the platform for new products that will debut in 2020, including the launch of margin and derivatives trading. launched its Exchange last September while the company’s fundraising platform, The Syndicate, has been being a key driver of the company’s overall growth in the past six months. The number of traders who are looking at cryptocurrencies will need more tools to trade effectively. also offers the MVO Visa Debit card, which you can sign up for by clicking right here. If you choose to sign up with the BitBoy link, you will get a $50 USD rebate!

Improvements from

The new upgrades should help with significant improvement in the overall performance, including the Order Management System and Revamped Matching Engine, which leads to a 10x increase in performance and throughput.

Other additions to the platform are Unified REST and Websocket API, which will speed up API platforms and Websockets, which will allow users to create a constant connection, and high-frequency trading if desired.

More Power for Traders redesigned the architecture of the platform to improve scalability, security, and latency.

These new tools will create the means to roll out a well-balanced risk engine and introduce high leverage margin and derivatives trading. These kinds of trading have seen a bid rise in popularity.

The Co-founder and CEO Kris Marszalek said:

“We launched the Exchange last Fall with a goal of creating a trading platform so secure, liquid, and user-friendly that it becomes a natural choice for both institutional and retail customers. We have already seen tremendous traction in the first six months of Beta and will continue rapidly improving our offering to drive continued growth.”

Platform Fees and Native Crypto Performance also announced new promotions, including:

-Allowing new users to trade with 0% fee for the first 90 days
-Offering up to 50% trading fee reduction on all trades for existing users
-Offering 2% bonus deposit interest rate, which applies to all deposits made to the exchange wallet in the first 30 days after the registration
-A Special Syndicate BTC 50% off event to celebrate the company’s fourth anniversary on June 30

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