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Crypto and Blockchain May Create More Than 8,000 Jobs in 2020

Jobs relating to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are becoming more after common after the rough patch in 2018. At the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC), noted that at least six companies were hiring in the halls. There are also numerous jobs available on employment platforms like Indeed, Monster, and

The job site Monster has 118 openings available under the term “cryptocurrency,” and 2,558 under “blockchain”. The online employment search engine Indeed shows 521 positions which relate to cryptocurrency, and 1,938 careers available relate to blockchain. Besides that, shows 234 cryptocurrency job opportunities and 409 for blockchain work.

The crypto and blockchain space has gone from a niche business to a up-and-coming industry that could have a major impact on how our world works. More hiring will mean more development, and that is how a virtuous development cycle is born!

Crypto Firms Need Developers

Developers are in demand. All kinds of developer jobs are open at the moment in the crypto and blockchain sectors. From front end to back end, website designers, and engineers who can code with a variety of programming languages, crypto firms need devs!

On the career website Linkedin, Fidelity Investments, bitcoin mining engineers are being sought for multiple locations across the U.S. is hiring “numerous roles” and employees can work remotely; the firm is looking for an Android engineer, data scientist, and front end developer for’s London, San Francisco, and Vilnius offices.

Lots of Work!, Monster, Indeed, and Linkedin have a plethora of non-developer jobs. Analysts, marketers, writers, journalists, product managers, and consultants are all in demand. For instance, the popular tech firm Cisco and well known digital currency businesses such as Bitgo, Coinbase, Square Crypto, Kraken, and the Bitcoin Depot are hiring a blockchain consultant, who understands computer networking technologies. has listed a few unique cryptocurrency positions. There is a position available for a senior Javascript lead engineer. Anyone who apples for the job can work remotely, and someone from New York or London would have an advantage. The position requires the applicant have a minimum of three years developing cryptocurrencies, and a passion for Bitcoin Cash.

If that job isn't a good fit for you, there are more than 8,000 cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs available in the top four online employment websites. A wide variety of different employment opportunities and the developer jobs are out there if you love cryptos and blockchain, and the industry is primed to grow faster in the coming years!

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