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It’s officially fall, and for some, that means knitted sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and blaming Mercury for being in retrograde. For me, fall means the start of a brand new football season: players old and new, strategically assembled in hopes of a big win. A great team reminds me of a winning crypto portfolio: sure, it may contain several crypto projects, but the backbone of the portfolio are consistent players that will always be around: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Chainlink. In football, we have these players too. They’re the offensive line that will help run the ball as far as they can move it. Slower than throwing the ball to the wide receiver, but a more reliable way to gain yards. In crypto, it’s a good idea to stack these key players in a bull market like the one we’re in now, and in a bear market where we historically see significant price drops. Why? Because, although crypto is volatile, you can trust that these players will always move toward the end zone. It can be tempting to long pass our whole allocation to the wide receiver: a low-cost alt coin or a micro cap project that offers big risk for big rewards. Although this is a great place for smaller allocations and moonbags, betting the whole game on the wide receiver is just too risky. Sure, there have been some epic touchdown moments: the Minneapolis Miracle with Stefon Diggs; or the Dogecoin pump back in May. These wins are legendary, but catching a windfall like that is unlikely. That’s why today, we dive into the top coins that gain yards for any portfolio: in both bull and bear markets.

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