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New Generation of Decentralized Platforms are Here

As new blockchains have been introduced over the last year, it seems as if Ethereum's coding language Solidity could be its downfall. One of Ethereum's biggest competitors, TRON, decided to build its platform using the same language which helped to exacerbate the "whitepaper plagiarism" scandal. No matter how you slice it though, TRON has been able to pull away Ethereum developers because it uses the same language, but offers development without the need for Gas.

Now, Cosmos may have another trump card against Etheruem. The interoperability platform will feature not one, but three programing languages for developers to use. This will certainly cast a wider net to bring in high level coders to develop on Cosmos.

The first language is called Ethermint and will serve as a direct copy of Solidity. Like TRON, Cosmos will be able to attract devs who are already familiar with the Ethereum native language, but who do not want to work with the cumbersome burden of Gas.

The second language is called Secure EcmaScript (SES). This is a version of Javascript built by Agoric. This will allow secure smart contract deployment. This language will be able to be tested by users & developers once the Cosmos Blockchain Communication (IBC) has been completed. Many developers are familiar with JavaScript so the gap to cross to learn SES may not be very wide.

The third language is called Kadenamint. It is the brainchild of Kadena, a JP Morgan blockchain spin-off. According to Kadena founder Stuart Popejoy, this language is said to be much more advanced than Ethermint (passive aggressive shot at Solidity).

It's only a matter of time before new generations of decentralized platforms start devouring the older generation projects. Just think about it. In their day, Powertel & Ericsson cell phones were great when cell phones first started becoming a necessity instead of a luxury item. Where are they now? Hopefully, the older generation blockchains like Ethereum will find ways to survive and adapt because because they may be in danger of becoming obsolete in the near future.

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