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CoinMarketCap Introduces Crypto Education Portal

Binance-backed firm CoinMarketCap just launched a new education portal to offer comprehensive information and in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency for newcomers as well as experts in the industry.

Blockchain technology in general and cryptocurrency in particular are expanding. It is of course exciting to see how the innovation is integrated into a variety of areas but there’s still a gap when it comes to completely understanding how things are changing.

Development should always come with education. With that in mind, many institutions and companies have worked on building training courses and holistic contents that serve the educational purposes of crypto-curious. CoinMarketCap (CMC) is the latest name that came up with that idea.

CoinMarketCap is Making Better Clients

The CoinMarketCap (CMC) veteran crypto market e-network is entering the edution territory by the launch of a new crypto education portal, called "CMC Alexandria."

CMC was first known as a cryptocurrency market monitoring platform back in 2013 and continues to be at the forefront of attempts to create credible sources of knowledge for investors in the industry.

The platform now looks beyond market data and seeks to provide more comprehensive knowledge that can support new attendees.

Speaking with media, a representative of CoinMarketCap stated:

“Cryptocurrency is no longer the niche interest that it once was, but neither is it completely mainstream — it’s somewhere in the middle.”

This platform aims to optimize user traffic, in efforts to add support to, "the cryptocurrency revolution," via "educating everyone that ends up on CMC about these emerging technologies."

The CMC rep added,

“We are first trying to provide the educational building blocks that will help those new to the crypto space become more familiar with key concepts that many crypto enthusiasts already take for granted, ranging from the nitty gritty of how Bitcoin transactions work, to more important considerations like how to keep your crypto safe.”

More Ways to Learn About Tokens

The creators call the portal “CMC Alexandria,” which is named after the ancient Library of Alexandria of the second century B.C. - a symbol of initial expectations as a part of the "universal library" to assemble practical knowledge in one spot.

CMC’s crypto library contains a wide range of needed contents for newcomers and experts, from beginning docs, articles on cryptocurrency basics to tech deep-dives, and it also includes a section specialized for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Explaining the motive behind the library's feature of DeFi, the representative pointed out that while encyclopedic approach to cryptocurrency education is the key target that CoinMarketCap is pursuing, the most current relevant developments is also of their scope of project.

The April announcement revealed the acquisition of CoinMarketCap, regulated by Binance and the company has made some changes since that event.

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