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Coinbase Will be Next Exchange to Support Unstoppable Domains .Crypto Payments

Coinbase announced earlier this week that it would support payments via Unstoppable Domains' .Cypto domains. Instead of using a long and complex wallet address, people can send cryptos with a .Crypto domain from Unstoppable Domains.

Huobi has already decided to support transfers to .Crypto addresses, and Gemini is also working on adding this cool functionality to its exchange.

It may seem like a little bit of a gimmick, but .Crypto addresses could be the start of wider crypto integration globally. Many people simply don't understand how easy cryptos are to use, and that decentralized tokens can be sent globally in a fraction of the time involved with the established financial system.

.Crypto addresses also offer a high level of protection against deplatforming, either by governments, or the big tech oligarchs.

An Unstoppable Idea

Unstoppable Domains are hosted on a decentralized blockchain, which makes them very difficult (if not impossible) to censor or take offline. In many countries, this could help information to spread, whether or not the government likes what is being distributed.

One nation that comes to mind is China, which is doing everything it can to dominate the blockchain space. While it does have loads of advanced projects, they all seem to center on the CCP's iron grip of the Chinese population.

As more natural and human made disasters befall the seemingly helpless Chinese people, access to information that isn't controlled by the CCP will be vital for the Chinese population. If and when the Three Gorges Dam gives way to mass death, or any number of other CCP-based projects fall apart (think Wuhan), accurate reporting will be needed.

Clearly, the CCP-led propaganda is dangerously removed from reality – and is likely to grow more so as geopolitical headwinds smash into the CCP's worldview.

Nowhere for the Technocrats to Run

The past few decades have seen a big push to centralized control of most social systems, banking and information distribution included. Now it appears that there is a big push happening to end this trend, and .Crypto domains are probably going to be a part of the solution.

While governments and entrenched media outlets will cling to power as best they can, many people are waking up to the scam – and using alternative systems.

From the time that Unstoppable Domains launched its .Crypto domain service in 2019, more than 200,000 addresses have been registered. If current trends in totalitarian control over information continue, that number is likely to rise substantially.

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