Posted 2 years ago | by Ben Armstrong

State Sponsored Chinese Hacking Group Attacking Crypto Firms

An intelligence company, FireEye Thread Intelligence, has filed a report stating that a Chinese espionage group, APT41, is specifically targeting crypto firms. What's even more concerning is that this seems to be a state-sponsored campaign.

China now joins North Korea in state-sponsored crypto hacks. Recently, a report on North Korea was released showing that the North Korean state-sponsored hacking group, the Lazarus Group, was successful at stealing $2B worth of crypto funds. Those funds went to help fund North Korea's WMD & ballistic missile programs.

It seems as if China is trying to level the global playing field through hacks. Cryptocurrency isn't the only sector that China is attacking. Basically, any industry that is involved in China's Five-Year economic development plans should heighten cyber security.

Along with crypto firms, other industries that have been attacked are fintech, telecoms, film & media companies, & healthcare.

To see more about Chinese Hackers Targeting Crypto and others watch BitBoy Crypto's latest Bitcoin News Video:

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