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Chinese Courier Firm SF Express Adopts Blockchain

The second-largest courier services provider in China, SF Express, has decided to use blockchain technology in transporting critical supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic. The program is a test of the technology, but it may lead to wider implementation of blockchain technology.

An English-language newspaper which is published in China, the Global Times, released a report on March 30 that SF Express, the Shenzhen-based firm, is adopting blockchain technology to take advantage of tracking the origin of medical goods it delivers.

While the company has not mentioned the extent and status of its implementation of blockchain, the report said that it had, “already begun to establish the use of blockchain,” especially when transporting medicines and foods, both of which need to be of a known quality.

SF Express is Taking a Good Path

According to the report, blockchain is one of the key emerging technologies in big data and artificial intelligence, which are helping frontline medical workers and aid suppliers to provide relief efforts during the pandemic.

China’s 2nd-largest courier firm is working to include blockchain and big data to build a logistics network that can help the tracking, verification and accurate recording of goods.

It is hoped that the system will be able to identify supply priority levels and mitigate the risks of counterfeit or unlicensed products being distributed to regions as well. Counterfeit goods are a real problem, especially in the medical field.

Blockchain Can Make a Big Difference

Academic researchers have previously considered that the widespread use of blockchain and AI technology for companies like Alibaba, SF Express and Apple, as they all have long, complex supply chains. Blockchain could also help charitable organizations and government-led public health initiatives, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

At a regional level, there are 20 new blockchain-based applications which are being designed to help fight the outbreak, and had reportedly been launched in China by mid-February.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has partnered with leading blockchain and tech firms this weekend to launch a distributed ledger technology-based platform for sharing data connected with the pandemic. Hopefully, the public will have access to the information, as access to information gives people the ability to create accountability for those in power.

One of the biggest things that blockchain can contribute to the world is easy access to good information, including the total stocks of necessary supplies. People need to be sure that there is enough to go around, and blockchain can do a lot to create transparency, and also accountability.

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