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Check Out #cryptoCOVID-19 and Unstoppable Domains – Making a Difference!

The COVID-19 pandemic is destroying the world economy. While politicians continue to keep people in their homes, #cryptoCOVID-19 and Unstoppable Domains are working to raise funds to help. If you want to attend a great online dance event, you are in luck!

In less than 18 hours, there will be an amazing online event that is being organized by Blockchain Tuesday. Click right here to learn more about the event, and get ready to dance. There will be loads of music, and you can also donate to #cryptoCOVID-19.

Here is more information about the event, and the program:

“Blockchain-native PR agency, Multiplied, has partnered with crypto giving platform, The Giving Block, to host a virtual COVID-19 relief charity festival called D3: Donate, Dance, Decentralize, supported by Cointelegraph. Taking place on GivingTuesdayNow, May 5, 2020, D3 will live stream EDM artists ill.Gates, Kill Paris, 3LAU and RAC to an international audience in an effort to raise funds for those most impacted by the Coronavirus.

The digital fundraiser, a free to attend event, will be hosted on twitch on Giving Tuesday Now, a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.

The D3 concert will be part of the broader #cryptoCOVID19 campaign to support nonprofits on the front lines of COVID-19 which has already raised over $400,000 to date”

Unstoppable Domains Supports #cryptoCOVID-19

It is pretty clear that we are going to need decentralized solutions to the problems that we face in the 21st century. Unstoppable Domains has a solution for any person or organization that wants to have a website that is actually hosted on the blockchain.

Also, Unstoppable Domains is fully committed to helping #cryptoCOVID19 raise as much as it can from events like the one that will happen later on today:

If you are interested in developing a website that will be next to impossible to have taken down, you can learn more about what Unstoppable Domains does by clicking right here.

New Challenges to Freedom

The internet has allowed information to flow globally in a way that we could not have imagined fifty years ago.

As much as the internet has helped, it has also created problems for powerful groups who wish to control how society views issues, much in the way that China's government controls access and content on its domestic internet.

If we don't support solutions to these controls, like Unstoppable Domains, we will be left with an internet that is a tool for control, not a tool of global liberation.

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