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Chainstack Announces New Partnership to Deploy Smart Contract Solution

Chainstack recently announced that is has integrated DAML into its platform. DAML is a smart contract feature developed by Digital Asset, and it will be added to the Chainstack ecosystem.

The collaboration is expected to strengthen Chainstack’s security as well as give it more room and power for businesses and developers to implement DAML applications on their own platforms and projects.

DAML is a modern framework designed as an open-source for establishing connections between different applications to eliminate physical boundaries and intensify mutual interactions.

Chainstack Can Make DAML Work for its Clients

With DAML, enterprises and developers can unleash their creativity power and focus on building applications while all necessary the technologies on the backend are taken care of by DAML.

This new partnership promises to leverage Chainstack’s network environment which is built on decentralized ledger technology (DLT) and empowered by a number of popular crypto applications, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Corda, Multichain and Quorum.

With the integration of DAML, Chainstack can provide a wider range of options with easy customizability, hybrid configuration, cost efficiency, especially for small companies and individual technicians.

Ready to be Rolled Out

Developers can make modifications on an existing system by embedding external blockchain applications via DAML on Chainstack.

In its early phases, Chainstack will start by adding DAML for its Corda, then continue with other protocols like Corda Enterprise and Hyperledger Fabric.

Speaking on the media, leaders from both companies shared their excitement and expectation regarding the new partnership, since they had the same desire of bringing faster, more affordable and more convenient blockchain applications to enterprises.

New Tools for Advanced Projects

According to Eugene Aseev, Chief Technology Officer at Chainstack and Chris Clason, Strategic Alliance Director at Digital Asset, the two companies joining together will create a new world for innovators and developers and bring the ultimate democratization for digital technologies.

Chainstack is a Singaporean professional technology provider which specializes in building scalable decentralized platforms and applications for businesses and developers.

Chainstack offers a variety of blockchain-based products and services, including DevOps, distributed computing, security solutions, on an intuitive interface.

Digital Asset’s main office is based in New York, US, with other offices located across Europe and Asia. Before Chainstack, Digital Asset supplied DAML for a number of projects, such as Amazon Arora, Vmware, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Sawtooth.

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