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Chainlink Node Moves Data to Unstoppable Domains on Ethereum blockchain

An “unstoppable” domain is being adopted to oracle crypto price feeds by a Chainlink (Link) node provider. Unstoppable Domains has created a way to host web content on the blockchain, which makes it more secure.

Vulcan Link has placed Chainlink’s crypto price feeds on a ".crypto" domain. The domains are sold by Unstoppable Domains and work on the Ethereum blockchain, which can help them become censorship-resistant.

If you are interested in how Unstoppable Domains works, or if you would like to sign up for an account with the platform, please click right here. It is a great way to ensure that your data can still be accessed, even if it becomes unpopular with the rapidly changing global political landscape.

Unstoppable Domains Delivers Freedom

Theoretically, the websites of companies, such as Vulcan Link, could be turned off at any time since they have to rely on centralized domain registrars like GoDaddy and centralized hosting services like Google or Amazon Web Services for their websites.

Although Chainlink’s price feeds are decentralized, the means of delivering the content is very centralized. People have gotten used to trusting tech mega-companies, but this may be a terrible idea in the long run.

A ".crypto" domain is unlike a ".com" domain, as users can purchase a “.crypto” outright.

The domain will be kept operating as long as the Ethereum blockchain running. Opera Browser has announced that it will support ".crypto" domains, while all the major browsers have not yet taken this step.

DApps are Still Vulnerable

Brad Kam, the co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, said in a recent interview that decentralized apps (DApps) still have a single point of failure.

He said,

“And this is basically a problem that DApps have, in general, where the value proposition for them is that they're censorship-resistant. But then they have this problem where they have a domain name that can be taken away or a Web site can be taken down. And it's difficult to then have other people build infrastructure on top of them if they have this very simple point of failure that can happen at any time.”

Nevertheless, Kam also agreed that the impending migration to Ethereum 2.0 may present a challenge for Dapps.

Chainlink oracles and the Tezos (XTX) ecosystem were recently integrated, which aimed to make the local DeFi ecosystem more robust. This is also another step to make the crypto space self-reliant and invulnerable to unwanted influences.

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