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CertiK Launches DeepSEA to Protect Blockchains from Hackers

CertiK, a blockchain security company, has launched a demo for its DeepSEA programming language. The group has also supplied a language reference manual for the language, which is aimed at making smart contracts more secure.

Both CertiK and its affiliated R&D-focused academic projects have been funded by Binance Labs, Qtum and the Ethereum Foundation. The details of the new release were made public last week. This week, the DeepSEA demo, compiler, and language reference manual were released to give developers a feel for what is coming out of the group.

DeepSEA is a smart contract programming language. In the beginning, it was designed for the implementation of the system software. DeepSEA’s developers are directed toward using the tech for the formal verification and audit of smart contracts and blockchain protocols.

DeepSEA is Well Supported

DeepSEA was created by Professor Zhong Shao and Ronghui Gu. Zhong Shao is a department chair of computer science at Yale as well as the co-founder of CertiK. Ronghui Gu is an assistant professor of computer science at Columbia University.

The pair feel that that existing languages are unsuited for the formal verification procedures needed to properly protect blockchains against the high risks associated with potential smart contract vulnerabilities.

These risks are tied to smart contracts’ self-executing and immutable character as the “code is law.” In the past, Professor Gu made the case for DeepSEA by pointing to its earlier implementations in mission-critical hardware systems like the NASA Mars Rover.

The researchers have critiqued languages, like Solidity and Facebook’s Move, and argue that DeepSEA is significantly more secure and fit for purpose. They claim it can ensure blockchain infrastructure is “bug-free and hacker-resistant” by using mathematical proofs (formal verification).

More Coming from CertiK

DeepSEA is just beginning for CertiK. The group plans to release CertiK Chain as well, after DeepSEA has been made fully avaialable.

After the DeepSEA beta was launched last November, mainnet 1.0 will launch this spring. The mainnet is interoperable with Ethereum to allow the existing Solidity smart contracts to run without issues. It will also work on the Cosmos network, and is designed for use with multiple real-world applications, such as decentralized finance and staking.

Professor Gu has said the developers are planning to integrate DeepSEA with the CertiK Chain later this year. CertiK has also partnered with the major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Coinone, to audit projects and take preventative measures against code security exploits.

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