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CEEK VR an award-winning Virtual Reality platform built on the blockchain has created and released a new environment specifically for the presidential debates and invited both candidates President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden to participate.

It’s doubtful that any candidate would agree to debate within virtual reality but the thought of it is intriguing and knowing it’s possible is exciting. However, CEEK has had some recent deals with schools in Miami to begin using its hardware and platform for educational purposes. CEEK previously announced Miami Dade Public Schools stated that they will be going virtual in the first year back and using their headsets and software for teaching students in virtual classrooms.

So with that in mind, absolutely anything is possible. Although the VR invite of presidential candidates seems more like a well planned advertising stunt. Still, CEEK is likely to get a lot of mainstream press attention with its invitation to both politicians.

The environment itself is actually captivating to the viewer, CEEK designed a presidential office with two chairs, two adjacent couches, and a fireplace in the center. The walls are complete with photographs of former U.S. presidents like Abraham Lincoln and others to give the room even more vivid appeal.

This comes after President Donald Trump has refused to debate Joe Biden in a virtual event calling it “silly.” The U.S. Commission on Presidential Debates has canceled the Oct. 15 presidential debate, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The match-up between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden was scrapped after the president said he would not participate in a virtual event, The Wall Street Journal reported. The two campaigns are now embroiled in a fight about when to hold the debates.

Maybe Trump would see the idea as less silly if he were to see the enviornment that CEEK has created for the two candidates?

CEEK wants to become the ticket master of VR entertainment and is doing so by leveraging huge industry partnerships with various record companies like Universal Music Group. CEEK currently has hundreds of artists and entertainers on its subscription platform and plans to add many more in the future.

Ben previously covered CEEK as one of his long term moonshot cryptocurrencies projects and personally invested money into it himself. You can watch Ben discussing CEEK and its partnerships including — Microsoft, Apple and Tmobile to name a few,  below.