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CEEK Might be the Biggest New Thing for the Entertainment Industry

CEEK VR is a virtual reality and entertainment company that sports partnerships with giants in both industries. Its platform seems ready to be the next big thing in both its crypto value and mass adoption.

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CEEK Wants to Boost VR Mass Adoption

CEEK is an agnostic virtual reality dapp, which means it can be loaded into several pre-existing VR app stores, available for multiple platforms.

It offers support for VR playback devices like Playstation VR, Microsoft, Oculus, and HTC, as well as being available for other platforms like Smart TVs, PS4, and XBOX.

The company also has its headset and 4D headphones, as well as having a catalog of games developed in-house.

CEEK has Partnered with Industry Giants

With partnerships ranging from Microsoft to Canadian speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen, CEEK has alliances in different industries like technology, music, entertainment, and music.

John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, announced an alliance with T-Mobile that will allow T-mobile’s Binge On service users to stream CEEK VR without additional data charges, which will probably result in the mobile carrier advertising CEEK and bolstering its adoption

CEEK has also partnered with companies like Universal Music Group, Baptist Health, Apple, Microsoft, NASCAR, K-pop artists, and NBC Universal.

In Microsoft’s case, CEEK has been fundamental for the Azure platform as one of its biggest projects by allowing the tracing of sales payments for musical artists and entertainers.

In the future CEEK will offer blockchain-based streaming for content creators worldwide not just music artists and entertainers, allowing them to share their content and earn money by capitalizing it.

The company also appears to have a partnership with retailer Target for selling CEEK VR gift cards in the future, which will allow the general public to purchase crypto without even realizing, the dream of mass adoption theorists.

The Platform is Powered by its Own Token

As CEEK wants to become a new way for creators and entertainers to get paid fairly for their work, it uses its token known as CEEK Smart VR Token (CEEK).

This token habilitates the payment to content creators in addition to allowing users to vote on content they want to see on CEEK VR.

CEEK is one of the few token projects that has received a utility status certificate with its evaluation coming from Liechtenstein's financial regulatory body, FMA.

A total of 1 billion CEEK exists with just over 580 million in circulation and a $7,326,957 market capitalization.

CEEK also has a coin called Celebrity Coincast which will burn an undetermined amount of tokens per every minting of a custom coin on the network that allows it to work as virtual tickets, venue coins, personal brand tokens and virtual merchandise of any kind through Smart Contracts.

The token uses a special protocol that makes its gas cost 10X less expensive than the one used by other networks like Ethereum, which results in smaller fees for users of the toke in every transaction.

According to CEEK’s website for the token, users will be able to collect and prove true ownership of digital items that will traverse multiple digital reality environments in a way similar to Enjin’s in videogames.

A Company with Experience in the Industry

The CEEK executive team has a proven track record of industry leaders ranging from Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox, NFL, Verizon, and Zynga, is led by CEO Mary Spio, a former NASA engineer.

CEEK has also developed VR games in the past like Zombie Runner in 2017, and a recent game for kids called Space Kids, which were created by a team of developers with experience in the videogame industry.

With the current pandemic, VR could become an entertainment hangout people in the same way gaming did, increasing the chances of mass adoption as virtual shows and meetups with friends have become the new norm around the world.

Virtual reality has been in development for years and has only grown in popularity as time has passed. With blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and virtual reality reaching the tipping point for widespread adoption, it seems to be a good moment for them.

CEEK seems positioned very well to take over as a VR leader with its real-world partnerships with major industry players that can help it achieve its goals, building an actual product that utilizes the CEEK VR token to provide services and not as pump and dump.

To learn more about CEEK and its potential for growth in the future as a investment, make sure to watch the latest video by clicking here or scrolling up.

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