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How To Stake ADA With BPool

By choosing to delegate your ADA to Bitboy Crypto’s BPOOL, you are supporting both our organization and the Cardano network, thank you! According to Cardano.org, the more that is staked and delegated to a stake pool (up to a certain point), the more likely it is to make the next block – and the rewards… Read More

Deutsche Bank: Digital Central Bank Currencies Will Permanently Replace Fiat Due To Pandemic

In a report titled “Konzept #19 – What We Must Do to Rebuild” published this week, Deutsche Bank Research listed economic evaluations and proposals to aid global economies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic declaring that CBDCs would soon permanently replace cash. Citing that “cash has come under much scrutiny during the pandemic” due to concerns… Read More

Phemex – A Growing Crypto Trading Platform

After eight former Morgan Stanley Executives felt the cryptocurrency market was missing something crucial, Phemex was born. It has a bold vision for the future of crypto trading, and is working to bridge the gap between the crypto sphere, and traditional finance. The exchange is built with both retail and institutional investors in mind. It… Read More

Top 9 Crypto & Bitcoin Podcasts

Top 9 Bitcoin and Blockchain Podcasts It is hard to ignore how powerful podcasts are getting in the media arena. While there are loads of people talking online, a select few blockchain and bitcoin themed podcasts deliver a lot of relevant information without loads of fluff. Here is a list of some of the best… Read More

Crypto.com MCO Card Review | Why It Works

Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert your crypto assets into a way to buy the things you need everyday, and get useful products with Bitcoin? Today. that is possible with Crypto.com cryptocurrency cards. Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing technology which is providing financial freedom around the world and gaining popularity rapidly, but is has… Read More

How to Short Bitcoin Basics for Beginners

Like any widely traded financial asset, a person can make money from Bitcoin’s price movement in either direction. If you sell Bitcoin to make a profit, you can learn how to short Bitcoin. Most people are more familiar with going ‘long’ on an asset, as buying things is generally easier than making money from a… Read More

ByBit Games Leverage Trading Competition

ByBit Games Begin on November 18th The ByBit Games Trading Competition is set to begin on November 28th, but registration for teams starts on November 18th. The ByBit Games trading competition will last from 11/28 through 12/13. The trading competition, dubbed the “BTC Brawl” will be one of the biggest trading competitions yet in the… Read More

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges for Americans

Binance is Closing for Americans In September, Binance will officially be closed for Americans. Those who have not done KYC have been given the go-ahead to keep trading there… but there is no idea how long that will last. Many United States citizens who have been using Binance are wondering where they can safely move… Read More

Lolli Helps You Earn Free Bitcoin When You Shop Online

Lolli Wants to Give You Free Bitcoin No, that is not a typo. Lolli, the upstart Bitcoin rebate company is trying to spread mass adoption by giving people free Bitcoin for doing something that most people do every single day: online shopping. I can’t remember the last time I went a full day without buying… Read More

Zilliqa & Callisto the Latest to Work With Chainlink Oracles

Chainlink Standing Apart From Other Projects One of the biggest problems in blockchain has long been interoperability. Interoperability is a fancy way to say how well do blockchains communicate and work together on a code level. While there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, there aren’t nearly as many blockchains as many of those coins are built… Read More

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