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Tackling carbon emission transparency with The Blockchain OS.

How Cartesi Labs’ grant is supporting Professor Leonardo Marques of Audencia Business School in his research. For the developers, the tech pioneers, and the idealists, the Cartesi Foundation is all about empowering the future-minded to explore unfounded territories together and develop new applications for Cartesi technology. We’re excited to share that a Cartesi Labs grant… Read More

Guest Post: How OpenCV cross compiles in The Blockchain OS.

Cross-Compiling OpenCV library for the Cartesi Machine RISC-V emulator. By Marcus Souza — Locus Custom Software Introduction to the author Marcus Souza is from Paudalho, Pernambuco — Brazil, where he works as a Software Engineer at Locus Custom Software. MSc. at the Federal University of Pernambuco, he has eight years of experience with Technology, focusing… Read More

Wanchain Deploys New Bridges Connecting Moonbeam, Moonriver, Polkadot and Wanchain

Wanchain, the global leader for blockchain interoperability solutions, has integrated new bridges that connect respectively Wanchain (WAN) with Moonbeam (GLMR), Moonbeam with the Polkadot Relay Chain (DOT) and Moonbeam with Moonriver (MOVR). In addition to bridging GLMR, MOVR and DOT, Wanchain is also deploying bridges that are compatible with Moonriver’s Substrate crosschain assets xcKSM, xcKAR,… Read More

How a CTSI holder plays an active role in advancing Creepts on The Blockchain OS.

Learn how community member Zach Prater opened his network for The Blockchain OS to grow. So, you’re based in Fort Worth, Texas USA. A town that recently started mining Bitcoin in City Hall as a six-month pilot program. Yes, Fort Worth wants to position itself to be the capital of crypto mining and partnered with… Read More

Hello, Cartesi Rollups Alpha 0.2.0.

What’s new and exciting with this release? Hello, mainstream coders everywhere. We’re making it even easier for you to build the blockchain application of your dreams with the new release of Cartesi Rollups Alpha. We simplified the DApp backend code development and introduced a new economic component critical to enabling DApp deployment in a Cartesi… Read More

Goodbye, Paris NFT Day. Hello, highlights.

From Metaverse to Main stage: Cartesi’s presence at Paris Blockchain Week’s NFT Day. We’re on a roll! With only a week of rest after the amazing events at Ethereum Dubai, The Blockchain OS headed back on the road, this time presenting at Paris NFT Day. From taking part in panels discussing Layer-2s and bridges to… Read More

Domi Online — Summit Recap & Developer Diary February/March

Domi Online has been busy developing game infrastructure and presenting its innovative approach to GameFi to the wider blockchain gaming community! Hello, Dominators — it’s time for our regular community update! In January, Domi provided our team with the initial foundation, set in stone, providing them the ability to go above and beyond our roadmap… Read More

April 2022 Development Recap for The Blockchain OS

The latest development updates on the components of The Blockchain OS As a recap, please see below our recently released roadmap diagram for an overview of the components of The Blockchain OS: The Cartesi Machine The Cartesi Machine is Cartesi’s deterministic virtual machine that emulates a RISC-V architecture and can run a full-fledged Linux OS…. Read More

Janet Yellen’s Crypto Regulation about to PUMP the Markets (Ethereum Merge Pushed Back)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen paves the road for crypto regulation, the thermometer drops for Celsius and the merge to ETH 2.0 takes a bit longer than expected. My name is Ben. This is your nightly crypto news wrap-up. For the past several years, Janet “Felon” Yellin has received more than her fair share of flack… Read More

New generation blockchain games: beyond the hype of NFTs and play-to-earn.

How to create real decentralized games with The Blockchain OS. Why build games with blockchain and crypto? Blockchain games stand at a confusing place that fails to attract game developer veterans and gamers around the world. Many see blockchain as a complicated solution to problems they never had or a technological setback that disturbs their… Read More

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