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VISA To Launch NFT Program With Digital Artist Micah Johnson To Encourage Digital Artists To Create NFTs

VISA has announced that it is partnering with Aku creator and former Major League Baseball player Micah Johnson to encourage other digital artists to join the digital art NFT (non-fungible token) space.p> VISA To Partner With NFTs Creators That Apply And Are Accepted The financial behemoth stated in a press release that it was partnering… Read More

Mega Bear Jamie Dimon Backtracks Again Calls Bitcoin “Worthless”

Jamie Dimon, who once apologized and admitted he was wrong about Bitcoin supposedly regretting his comments, has once again taken shots at the number one digital currency calling it “worthless” while comparing BTC to smoking cigarettes. Jamie Dimon Bashes Bitcoin For The Hundredth Time Dimon made numerous senseless comments at the Institute of International Finance… Read More

U.S. DOJ Launches National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco has announced the DOJ’s (Department Of Justice) launch of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team. The new task force’s purpose will be to “strengthen” the DOJ’s ability to impair digital financial markets that allow cybercriminals to “flourish.” DOJ Launches National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team According to a report published by Reuters,… Read More

BIS And IMF: “Digital Currency Can Be More Effective For Settlements With Cheaper Fees For Money Transfers”

According to two separate reports published by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a group of central banks, crypto digital currency can lead to faster settlement times and cheaper transfers. Further, the BIS showcased a prototype where money transfers can be done in seconds with only a minor processing… Read More

Former Federal Prosecutor: “There’s Much More To Crypto Than Financial Use Cases”

The former federal prosecutor turned into a venture capitalist Katie Haun who co-leads Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) stated that regulators really need to realize that we’re far beyond only financial use cases for digital assets. “There’s much more to crypto than that,” she said, adding, “Regulation cannot be one size fits all.” Haun further expressed that… Read More

Binance Hires Former IRS Agent That Helped With Silk Road And Mt.Gox Investigations

Binance is continuing its hiring spree of past regulators with two recent additions to its compliance and investigations team. Binance has announced that it has hired two IRS agents familiar with blockchain to help it improve compliance at its exchange. The hires are part of a larger push to reform the company’s reputation from a… Read More

Ethereum Announces ERC-4337 Proposal And Altair Upgrade For Beacon Chain

Vitalik Buterin has announced a new Ethereum update proposal ERC-4337. The Ethereum founder and developer discussed the new features that will be integrated into Ethreum’s network with the update and the changes that will take place. This comes as Ethereum devs have simultaneously stated that an update to Ethereum’s Beacon Chain called Altair is scheduled… Read More

U.S. Senators Propose Bill To Monitor Foreign Countries Use And Mining Of Digital Assets

Two U.S. senators have proposed a bipartisan bill calling on the Treasury Department and other agencies to investigate what other countries are mining in crypto and what digital assets they are using then to share their report with Congress. Senators Propose Bill To Monitor Other Countries Use And Mining Of Digital Assets Senators Maggie Hassan… Read More

Coinbase To Allow Millions Of U.S. Customers Convert Paychecks Into Crypto Through Direct Deposit

Coinbase has announced, that it will be working with major payroll and HR businesses in partnership to enable millions of workers to get paid in crypto. Coinbase To Offer Millions Of Workers The Ability To Direct Deposit The new feature called “Get Paid In Crypto” is expected to go live in a few weeks which… Read More

Acting OCC Head Admits DEFI Removes Banking Middlemen; As Biden Said To Nominate Anti-Crypto Official To Oversee Agency

The acting head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Michael Hsu expressed that digital assets and decentralized finance (DeFi) are among contributing factors resulting in the removal of middlemen from the financial system. OCC Says That Financial Specialists Need To Safeguard Trust In Banking Hsu made the comments while speaking at… Read More

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