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SEC Gensler FUDs Crypto “History Tells Us That Private Forms Of Money Don’t Last Long”

U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler spoke with the Washington Post about cryptocurrency regulations and how he personally sees the industry moving forward, i.e. regulated out of existence, with stablecoins and Proof Of Stake (PoS) digital assets labeled as securities. At one point during the interview with WAPO Gensler even suggested that… Read More

Burger King Jumps Into NFTs With Collectible Game

Fast Food behemoth Burger King is launching a new NFT (Non-Fungible Token) campaign with the NFT marketplace Sweet called, Burger King Real Meals NFT. Burger King Sees An Opportunity With NFT Collectible Game The Burger King Real Meals NFT campaign will feature QR codes that will be placed on six million meal boxes, unlocking digital… Read More

Coinbase Working In Cahoots With The U.S. Government Closes Deal With ICE

Coinbase plagued by various scandals over the years, once a target of the IRS, now wants to sell blockchain analysis software to the IRS and federal government. Arguably one of the most significant U.S. cryptocurrency businesses is seeking to go against its customers by arming the feds with tools to go after cryptocurrency holders who… Read More

CFTC Investigating Binance For Insider Trading As Exchange Hires Former Europol Darkweb Specialist Preparing For Regulation Compliance

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is reportedly investigating Binance alleging that the exchange was involved with “insider trading” and market manipulation. According to Bloomberg, the CFTC has expanded its Binance U.S. probe to see whether insider trading and market manipulation has been taking place at the world’s largest digital asset exchange. U.S. authorities are… Read More

Open Sea Admits Executive NFT “Insider Trading” For Profit; Head Of Product Resigns

Popular digital art or NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace Open Sea, is investigating one of its executives for insider trading of NFTs hosted on the app. Nate Chastain, the company’s head of product, was accused of buying and then flipping NFTs that were paid promotional features on the website. The Mark Cuban-owned platform confirmed the rumor… Read More

Regulation: SEC Chair Gary Gensler Attacks Coinbase Says Very Few Cryptos Aren’t Securities

During today’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, SEC Chair Gary Gensler took shots at Coinbase and stablecoins as several senators attacked him for his over regulatory approach to crypto. Is The SEC Everyone’s Daddy? Concern Over Transparency On Crypto Regulation Gensler revealed his aggressive plans to rein in everything from cryptocurrencies to the meme-stock frenzy spurred… Read More

Democrats Want To Add More Crypto Tax Rules; Raise Taxes For Working Families And Small Businesses

House Democrats in the U.S. are pushing for further crypto regulations buried within the budget reconciliation bill which would limit crypto trading by introducing a wash sales law for deductions on taxes. This is being done to fund their $3.5 trillion, 10-year spending package. Previously crypto was used as a means to fund the $1… Read More

Fidelity: Most Institutional Investors Interested In Crypto And Want An ETF

According to a report by Fidelity Digital Asset Investments, 84% of institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe are interested in investing in crypto, while most see positive effects from an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund.) The report entitled: “Fidelity Digital Assets’ 2021 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study,” shows increasing bullish sentiment amongst institutional investors when… Read More

Regulation: U.S. Treasury Held Two Meetings With Financial Industry Executives And Representatives Of Crypto On Stablecoins This Week

Earlier this week, the U.S. Treasury Department met with financial industry executives and some representatives of the crypto industry to discuss regulation, risks, and benefits of stablecoins, Reuters reported. Washington lawmakers say they are “alarmed” at how fast the cryptocurrency market is growing according to people familiar with the meeting who spoke to Reuters. As… Read More

Mastercard Acquires CipherTrace Crypto Analysis Software

Mastercard one of the first investors in the Digital Currency Group has announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy crypto startup CipherTrace for an undisclosed sum of money. CipherTrace develops numerous AML (anti-money laundering) tools that help businesses and law enforcement trace illicit digital currency transactions. Mastercard Wants To Make Crypto “Safe”… Read More

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