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Litecoin Halving Comes & Goes. Only 1457 Days Until the Next One.

Litecoin Halving Happens. Are We Rich Yet? Much has been made over the last several months about the run up to the Litecoin Halving. Today, it happened. And if you are waiting for the next one, don’t hold your breath because it’s a mere 1457 days away. The “Litecoin Halving” is an event that occurs… Read More

Will TRON’s Sun Network Send TRX to the Moon?

TRON Sun Network Upgrade to Give “Unlimited Capacity” One of the biggest issue for any blockchain is scalability. Many networks have promised a high TPS (transactions per second), but many have not been able to deliver on those promises. TRON hopes to have their own solution to the scalability issue via their new expansion plan… Read More

Tezos Co-Creator Latest to Join the Founders Pledge

Tezos Co-Creator Giving Away Millions… Hopefully Kathleen Breitman, the co-creator of Tezos (XTZ) wants the world to know that she is going to give away potentially millions of dollars to charity. The problem is… currently she literally has zero of the dollars she is looking to give away. But that will most likely change over… Read More

Coinbase Exploring Support for Several New Altcoins

Coinbase Looking at Exciting New Additions Coinbase is trying its best to keep up with Binance. Binance is far and away the biggest exchange, but Coinbase is looking to take advantage of the fact that U.S. customers will no longer be able to legally trade on Binance starting in September. Some of the altcoins Coinbase… Read More

LedgerX Clears Up CFTC Fiasco & Threatens Lawsuit

LedgerX CEO Threatening Legal Action Last week the crypto world was in mass hysteria over the first physically backed Bitcoin futures contracts via LedgerX platform Omni. The next day, the CFTC stated that there were no approved physically backed Bitcoin futures contracts. This left many people very confused over why LedgerX would say they were… Read More

Andrew Yang PAC the First to Use Lightning Network

Lightning Network Gets in on U.S. Politics Pro-cryptocurrency Democratic nominee for President Andrew Yang will be accepting Bitcoin via Lightning Network. While we have seen candidates in the past accept cryptocurrency donations, this marks the first time that a bitcoin centric super PAC will be focused on one candidate. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts have backed Yang… Read More

$200M in New Bitcoin Miners Show Bitcoin Interest is Back

100k New Miners Online As we reported on Saturday, the bitcoin mining hashrate set a new all time high. Now, there is evidence that more than 100,000 new miners have come online in the last two weeks. The huge surge is miners is strong evidence that Bitcoin has rebounded enough in 2019 to safely say… Read More

Bitcoin Price Surging Amid U.S. – Chinese Tension

Current Bitcoin Price Currently the price of Bitcoin is $11,737.36 according to CoinMarketCap.com. Bitcoin Dominance is setting a yearly high at 67.6% and is looking to push 70% soon. The overall marketcap is once again over $300B coming in at $310,295,351,139. Why is the Price Moving so Quickly? The price of Bitcoin seems to be… Read More

Bitcoin Hashrate Reaching All Time High

Mining is Surging The hashrate of the bitcoin network has once again reached a new all time high. The hashrate climbed to 78.9978EH/s on July 29th. To put that into perspective, during the infamous 2017 bull run the hashrate was approximately 15 EH/s. Right now the hashrate is more than five times larger than it… Read More

South Korea Creating Regulation Free Zones for Crypto Companies

South Korea Trying to Keep Crypto Companies Within Borders South Korea is the latest country to allow regulation free zones for blockchain development. This is not an unprecedented move as both Switzerland and Russia have introduced such zones. The point of this move is to be able to keep crypto and blockchain companies within their… Read More

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