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Rumor GTA6 Will Pay Users In Fictional Cryptocurrencies Within Game

According to an unconfirmed gaming industry leak, Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to feature a working stock market, brokerages, and cryptocurrencies that will be earned by players of the game throughout the game’s various missions. According to the rumors, Grand Theft Auto VI will feature fictional cryptocurrency in-game that users can earn throughout the story…. Read More

PWC Report: Over Half Of Traditional Hedge Funds Plan To Enter Crypto By Next Year

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the biggest accounting firms, has released its “3rd Annual Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2021” in collaboration with the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and Elwood Asset Management. The report indicated that over half of traditional hedge funds plan to invest into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency by next year. The report is… Read More

Bitsquad AMAs Recap: Evai.io Crypto Ratings Platform Interview

Earlier this week, this author had the pleasure of interviewing Evai.io, a crypto machine learning ratings platform utilizing a.i. in the Bitsquad. During our Ask Me Anything session, Evai detailed their platform, its features, what separates it from the competition and explained the various different tiers for its users. You can check out the full… Read More

HISTORY! Bitboy Crypto Becomes First Crypto Youtube Channel To Reach 1 Million Subscribers

After years of hard work to no avail, Bitboy Crypto, whose real name is Ben Armstrong, eventually started to see his Youtube channel start to grow in 2020. Since then, just as Bitcoin began its bull run, the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel has been on an absolutely parabolic run itself, finally reaching 1 million subscribers… Read More

Elon Musk Announces Tesla Will Stop Accepting Bitcoin After Poll Whether Tesla Should Accept Dogecoin

After asking his followers on Twitter should Tesla accept Dogecoin, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has posted a tweet announcing that Tesla will immedtiately suspend vehicle purchases using Bitcoin due to flawed concerns over the environmental impact of the number one digital asset. Tesla & Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/YSswJmVZhP — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 12, 2021 “We are… Read More

Elon Musk Asks Should Tesla Accept Dogecoin? As Space X Announces Launching Of Doge Satellite

After his Saturday Night Live stunt, Elon Musk has announced that in partnership with Canadian engineering firm Geometric Energy Corporation, SpaceX will launch its DOGE-1 Cube Sattelite to the Moon in the first quarter of 2022. As the name implies, the satellite is entirely funded by Dogecoin — the first commercial lunar payload paid for… Read More

Uniswap Announces Version Three Of Its Protocol

The Uniswap team has announced the much-anticipated launch of the third version of its protocol. “We’re thrilled to announce that Uniswap v3 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet! All relevant contract addresses can be found here,”  Uniswap said in a blog post. The Uniswap team said the protocol’s goal is to make “the most flexible… Read More

Bitsquad AMA: YFDAI Recap

On Monday, we held an AMA with one of our long-standing partners YFDAI. The team at YFDAI discussed their new governance token the SSGT, its utility use cases, and bonuses that YFDAI hodlers can receive if they just hold onto the tokens. YFDAI also extended the registration for its pre-sale just for the Bitsquad, allowing… Read More

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman: Cryptocurrency Is the Real Deal The Superapps Are Coming

In an interview with TIME magazine, PayPal’s CEO Dan Schulman detailed the payment processor’s expansion into crypto as a service and what the company has in store for the future. Schulman predicted that a greater transformation of e-commerce will emerge with purchases driven by social media platforms. Bitcoin could spearhead the change and take it… Read More

AMA RECAP: SmartCredit

On Friday, we interviewed Smartcredit’s CEO Martin Ploom and Co-Founder and CTO Tarmo Ploom. During our discussion, SmartCredit discussed various different advancements soon coming to its platform and partnerships. SmartCredit seeks to give its users CHOICE when interacting in DEFI offering real fixed-income rates. The team also gave out 100 SmartCredit rewards to the best… Read More

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