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BIG Time AMA: The Time Traveling Blockchain Metaverse Game

Earlier this week, the Bitsquad interviewed Big Time, potentially one of the biggest blockchain-based games of 2022. Big Time is the world’s first AAA+ developed RPG game with NFT and blockchain integration. The game’s story revolves around time traveling throughout history and fighting various different enemies according to Crypto Han the community lead for Big… Read More

Bitsquad AMAs: Crypto Xpress The One Stop Fiat And Digital Asset Bank Partnered With Binance

Last week, the Bitsquad was joined by Yogesh Panjabi, CEO of Crypto Xpress, a new dual digital asset and fiat bank. Panjabi is currently a manager advising technology at KPMG International Limited, one of the top four accounting firms in the world. But Crypto Xpress isn’t just a fiat and digital bank, it’s also an… Read More

Bitsquad AMA: Polkacity Massive Passive Income Potential In The Metaverse

Earlier this week, Bitboy Crypto held an AMA with metaverse project Polkacity an exciting VR and AR experience where you can personally own everything inside its virtual world. Polkacity Massive Passive Income In The Metaverse Polkacity has been in development since earlier this year, but the team has accomplished so much in a short period… Read More

Huge Gem Uniqly Partnered With Enjin Enables Physical NFT Stores

Yesterday in the Bitsquad, we were joined by Uniqly, a “unique” project that is bridging the gap between digital and physical. Uniqly offers its users a unique way to shop allowing customers to buy digital NFTs and convert them into physical items. One of the first NFT marketplaces we have seen that offers such a… Read More

AMA Recap: NFraction Is Changing The NFT Space With Fractionalized Puzzles And Physical Items

Yesterday, the Bitsquad was joined by NFraction, a cross-chain NFT marketplace project that is using NFTs for fractionalizing ownership of – art, music, games, iconic collectibles, and more. Elio Artic the founder of NFraction, gave an in-depth breakdown of the NFraction platform. When asked about what separates NFraction from other NFT platforms, Artic expressed that… Read More

Bitsquad AMA: Stratos Is Heading To The Stratosphere And Beyond, Decentralized AWS

Yesterday the Bitsquad was joined by the team from Stratos to discuss their revolutionary content delivery and data storage network (CDN.) Bin Zhu the founder gave the Bitsquad a glimpse into the future of data management and content delivery. Stratos consists of three layers with separate consensus mechanisms and four modules. These are the Proof… Read More

Bitsquad AMA: Alkimi Is Revolutionizing The Ads Exchange Industry With Constellation’s Hypergraph

Earlier this week the Bitsquad interviewed Alkimi a decentralized ads exchange that is revolutionizing the ads industry utilizing blockchain technology and DEFI to modernize it. The Alkimi team expressed all the different ways that the current model of advertising is broken and how they can help fix it. The ads industry worth $340 billion dollars… Read More

Bitsquad AMAs: Curio Invest Releases Roll App For Tokenizing Of Any Asset

Earlier this week, on Thursday the Bitsquad held an AMA with Curio Invest, in which the project detailed their progress on tokenization of assets utilizing NFTs. Curio is a community-driven investing platform that empowers individuals to invest in real-world asset NFTs which hasn’t been possible until now. In addition to providing the ability to tokenize… Read More

Bitsquad AMAs: Cirus The Next Big Crypto To 1000x?

Earlier this week, the Bitsquad interviewed the Cirus Foundation to discuss their project, a unique hardware solution combined with blockchain technology that is putting users back in control of their data. Cirus expressed that their device is only one part of their ecosystem that works in tandem with their Cirus software. Users will be able… Read More

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