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Celebrating our community, Mainnet launch & continued expansion!

1*qsJW9ghA43YM kv4GYEBOQ Cartesi’s October 2021 Monthly Report

October 29th, 2021 A month celebrating our community and exciting new developments!

October kicked off to an amazing start with the Mainnet Beta release of Nother’s Delegated Staking System, a two-week soft launch that saw the smooth release of the full version on Mainnet. We’re overjoyed to see the support of our community and we quickly reached yet another staking milestone with 118.89M CTSI staked.

It’s phenomenal to look back on our journey so far — we couldn’t have done it without our community! For this reason, throughout October, we celebrated you! Sharing stories from our Ambassadors to CTSI holders about what it means to be part of our diverse and growing community across the globe, and we’re not stopping here! We’re excited to introduce even more people to Cartesi having launched our Learn and Earn program with Coinbase Earn. With even more in the works, we are ready to welcome all the new faces to our community.

We’ve also been busy chatting more about our tech and answering your questions. Head of Expansion, Vinicius Ribeiro joined Turkey-based Crypto Education and Earnings Channel, Kriptobi for an AMA over on their Telegram channel and was featured in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s Member Spotlight. While CEO Erick de Moura and COO Colin Steil joined Binance to talk about our recent Mainnet launch and the future of Cartesi. Don’t worry if you missed out, catch up with our recap.

Stay up to date with October’s exciting developments via our quick summaries below. See something that interests you? Click through to dive deeper:

Noether PoS Delegated Staking

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After months of intense development and testing, we’re proud to announce that Staking Delegation launched smoothly on Mainnet! Now, any individual or organization can create and manage staking pools without any limit or cap imposed. Want to start staking your CTSI? Check out the instructions in our launch article.

For increased reliability, we’ve also integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to help stake pool operators be rewarded more securely and fairly during gas spikes and CTSI price fluctuation. Alongside this, we’re keeping on top of security and have launched a US$500,000 bug bounty program with Immunefi to harden Noether’s PoS system.

In tangent with the delegated staking news, we’re delighted that Binance now also offers CTSI staking on their platform — bringing back added value back to holders, as well as accelerated growth for the Cartesi project.

CTSI Expansion​​​​​​

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We always love to add extra utility and expand use-cases for the Cartesi community! Through our integration with Anyswap, alongside bridges from Ethereum to BSC & MATIC, you can now easily swap CTSI to Avalanche, opening up a whole host of use-cases involving DeFi products and DApps.

Community Updates

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Curious as to the Cartesi Foundation’s governance, operations, and how CTSI tokens are allocated? Following October 23rd’s token unlock, check out the latest Transparency Report.

Development Recap

0*Z6nNLngU9tJz7e7M Cartesi’s October 2021 Monthly Report

Looking for updates on your favorite Cartesi project? Check out the major developments in our October development recap. Our team has been hard at work on several fronts, including continuing implementation on Cartesi Rollups, launching Noether’s PoS Delegation System as well as progress on the full Texas HODL’em Poker MVP implementation.

Cartesi in the Media

Noether Press Features

Bug Bounty Press Features


If you’re interested in developing with Cartesi, working with the team, or hanging out in our community, don’t forget to join us on Discord and follow along.

As always, if you have an idea, want to help with research, or have an existing project, make sure to apply to our $1,000,000 US Ecosystem Fund: the Cartesi Labs program!

Want to stay up to date? Make sure to join our announcements channel on Telegram or follow our Twitter.

About Cartesi

Cartesi is the first OS on the blockchain, and our Layer-2 solution integrates Linux and standard programming environments to blockchain. This allows developers to code scalable smart contracts with rich software tools, libraries, and services they are used to.

Cartesi bridges the gap between mainstream software and blockchain, welcoming millions of new startups and their developers to blockchain by bringing Linux to blockchain applications. Cartesi combines a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups, and side-chains to revolutionize the way developers create blockchain applications.

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