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Growing our network, team, and expanding CTSI access.

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November 30th, 2021 A month of exciting new conversations and rapid expansion!

Did you know, you can book flights, hotels, and more with your CTSI? That’s exactly what our team did this month for WebSummit 2021! Check out Executive Assistant Payal’s experience booking with and see more behind-the-scenes content on WebSummit, including some serendipitous encounters with CTSI holders on our socials. Although a hectic week, Max, Bruno, Nathalie, Vinicius, and Erick all had a blast attending WebSummit, connecting with tens of companies and startups interested in working with Cartesi technology. From IoT, sustainability, and gaming, take a look at our WebSummit recap post for more details.

Cartesi’s November 2021 Monthly Report

We’re also thrilled to introduce even more new members to the Cartesi team! If you’re curious about who they are and what they do, check out our welcome post to learn more about each new member, including why they joined Cartesi! Our new Business Community Manager, Dinali Jay, writes:

“I joined Cartesi to connect with experts in the industry of blockchain technology, to learn and develop myself within the company, and to be able to contribute more and make a valuable impact at Cartesi over time.”
– Dinali Jay, Business Community Manager

With big projects in the works, if you’re interested in joining our vibrant remote team, good news! We’re hiring for a Senior Business Development Manager and Ambassador Program Lead amongst other positions. Check out our current openings and apply via our careers portal.

Stay up to date with all of November’s developments via our quick summaries below. See something that interests you? Click through to dive deeper:

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Keen on providing the best staking experience for you, we’re gathering and analyzing data from Noether’s staking delegation system to see how we can improve. Now live on Mainnet for more than a month, in November, we hit another milestone of 125,000,000 CTSI staked!

What’s more, we welcomed another staking institution, RockX, to Noether’s Delegated Staking. Open to a broad public, their Cartesi Node is available to everyone, from recreational stakers as well as institutional stakers around the globe! Learn more about how and why we’re working with RockX:

Why we’re excited RockX launched a pool with Noether

We are delighted RockX launched a pool with Cartesi’s Noether’s Staking Delegation. The Cartesi Explorer now allows…

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Fantastic news for US users, CTSI is now live on Binance.US! Providing safe, secure & reliable access to CTSI, listing on Binance.US expands our presence and makes it easier for US users to join the community.

Continuing on our goal to expand access to the CTSI community, our recent integration with iMe allows over 2.5 million iMe users to easily send to, or receive CTSI from, their Telegram contacts. Learn more about the integration in our announcement post:

CTSI has now been Integrated with iMe, a Telegram-based Messenger App!

Over 2.5 million iMe users can easily send or receive CTSI with their Telegram contacts

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From providing a home to developers and DApps, to where we stand against our competitors, our Business Development team, Bruno and Max, chatted with the Generation Crypto Community this month and were floored by the multitude and variety of questions asked! See what questions were answered and what else was covered with our Generation Crypto AMA recap.

Cartesi’s November 2021 Monthly Report

Looking for updates on your favorite Cartesi project? Check out the major developments in our November development recap. Our team has been hard at work on several fronts, including continuing implementation on Cartesi Rollups, analyzing data on Noether’s PoS Delegation System as well as progress towards the full Texas HODL’em Poker MVP implementation.


If you’re interested in developing with Cartesi, working with the team, or hanging out in our community, don’t forget to join us on Discord and follow along.

As always, if you have an idea, want to help with research, or have an existing project, make sure to apply to our $1,000,000 US Ecosystem Fund: the Cartesi Labs program!

Want to stay up to date? Make sure to join our announcements channel on Telegram or follow our Twitter.

Cartesi is the first OS on the blockchain, and their Layer-2 solution integrates Linux and standard programming environments to blockchain. This allows developers to code scalable smart contracts with rich software tools, libraries, and services they are used to.

Cartesi bridges the gap between mainstream software and blockchain, welcoming millions of new startups and their developers to blockchain by bringing Linux to blockchain applications. Cartesi combines a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups, and side-chains to revolutionize the way developers create blockchain applications.

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