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1*QSunoyNhskNb3wus6LbarQ Cartesi’s March 2022 Monthly Recap

March 31st, 2022 A fresh new look, plus the first of many new and exciting events.

This month kicked off by welcoming ten new brilliant members to the project. This includes five fantastic interns as part of our internship program to onboard the next generation to blockchain. Take a look at our welcome article to get to know more about them and see what attracted them to The Blockchain OS.

We were also excited to announce a partnership with CV Labs, bringing The Blockchain OS closer to startups and igniting the adoption of Cartesi tech by a variety of projects. Want to know what this means and how this will empower startups, developers, and visionaries of Crypto Valley? Catch up with our announcement post.

If you’re looking for updates within the ecosystem, we chatted with contributor, Locus Custom Software’s tech team who are currently building with Cartesi technology. Going behind the scenes in their process of working with The Blockchain OS, have a look at our interview to hear about the exciting developments they’re making.

What’s more, we’re continuing to empower the community through increased CTSI accessibility. March saw a new CTSI listing on Bitstamp, one of the world’s longest-running crypto exchanges, and Bitkeep, a popular wallet that supports 40+ main chains and DApps among 4,500+ other cryptocurrencies. Through this, we’re also increasing exposure of the Cartesi project to new communities — excited to welcome a combined 9 million Bitstamp and Bitkeep users to The Blockchain OS.

That’s not all. Stay up to date with the rest of March’s developments via our quick summaries below. See something that interests you? Click through to dive deeper:

Say hello to a new look for The Blockchain OS

0*72SdcEBkd1tUMD8j Cartesi’s March 2022 Monthly Recap

How do you transform a brand founded on complex technology for tech insiders into a brand that’s open and accessible to individuals of all backgrounds? Cartesi’s overall brand identity has been refreshed to match the company’s new strategy and promise. The new visual language, brand line, pay-off, photography, and videos demonstrate how The Blockchain OS should be an inclusive platform, a home for next-generation applications, and a home for what’s next. Curious about learning more? Take a look here:

Cartesi’s Rebranding is Opening the Door to Blockchain, Mainstream, and Decentralization

Learn how The Blockchain OS is building a home for what’s next.

Paving the way for Cartesi’s new and accessible roadmap

Cartesi’s March 2022 Monthly Recap

As part of our initiative to make our Roadmap accessible to everyone from CTSI fans, developers, and blockchain novices, in this roadmap, we’re outlining the milestones for The Cartesi Machine, Cartesi Rollups, and Cartesi’s side-chain, Noether

The new roadmap approach will bring increased openness about what we’re doing now, what we’re planning, and where we’re going. If you haven’t already, take a look:

Cartesi’s new and accessible roadmap

The roadmap for The Blockchain OS explained

Community Updates
0*9 5S9zJ nwek4sB4 Cartesi’s March 2022 Monthly Recap

For Brazil’s first Ethereum event, Cartesi was proud to be a founding sponsor and help empower local communities to take to the global stage. From joining Ethereum Rio’s boot camp, we also hosted our first ever workshop to help mainstream developers build their first DApp with Python!

Cartesi Head of Expansion, Vinicius Ribeiro joined Kathleen Evers (Sandbox), Joao Borges (BAYZ), Thiago Freitas (Kokku), and Victor Caribé (Play4Change DAO) for a fascinating panel on Gaming, Metaverse & Beyond. Check out the replay to see how The Blockchain OS is making it easier for developers of all kinds to create beautifully designed and complex games to reap the benefits of blockchain.

Alongside the workshops, panels, and bootcamps, we had to make time to relax and party! We hosted our first official Cartesi community drinks on March 16th, providing the perfect end to the main festivities. Choosing an eclectic part of town called Santa Teresa, in between creative studios and artistic hotspots, we partied at Casa Nossa (“our home”), providing drinks, food, and an awesome live DJ in a ‘home to what’s next’ atmosphere. Take a look at the night:

We’re also in the midst of wrapping up events at Ethereum Dubai, stay tuned for the recap or keep up to date via our socials.

Development Recap

0*kZRq3bityuh9UYCv Cartesi’s March 2022 Monthly Recap

Looking for updates on your favorite Cartesi project? Let’s take a look at the progress we’re making toward creating a home where a DApp ecosystem can flourish.

March 2022 — Development Recap for The Blockchain OS

The latest development updates on the components of The Blockchain OS

Cartesi Events

Want to learn more about The Blockchain OS and connect with us in person? From hands-on workshops to help you build your first blockchain application with Cartesi technology, to inspiring panel discussions, take a look at what events you can catch us at in the month ahead:

  • Paris NFT DayApril 12th 2022, see Co-Founder, Erick de Moura on the main stage giving a keynote on how an OS can endorse NFTs whilst being Green, Affordable, and Democratic. On the Junior Podium, check out Cartesi Software Engineer, Gabriel Coutinho in the Bridging NFTs Across Layers panel discussion.

If you’re interested in developing with Cartesi, working with the team, or hanging out in our community, don’t forget to join us on Discord and follow along.

As always, if you have an idea, want to help with research, or have an existing project, make sure to apply to our $1,000,000 US Ecosystem Fund: the Cartesi Labs program!

The Blockchain OS is a decentralized layer-2 infrastructure that supports Linux and mainstream software components. For the first time, developers can code scalable smart contracts with rich software tools, libraries, and the services they’re used to, bridging the gap between mainstream software and blockchain.

Cartesi is enabling millions of new startups and their developers to use The Blockchain OS and bring Linux applications on board. With a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups, and side-chains, Cartesi paves the way for developers of all kinds, to build the next generation of blockchain apps.

Welcome to The Blockchain OS, home to what’s next.

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