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Q2 Milestones are Rolling Out!

Cartesi’s July 2021 Development Recap

Development Updates

During the last month, the Cartesi team began rolling out its Q2 milestones! The major developments were:

  • Cartesi Rollups Rollout: Continued implementation of the Cartesi Rollups infrastructure including tests coverage and services for the Wallet development. Refactored the main pieces of the Rollups infrastructure into independent software components that have been developed as the following projects: State Fold, Transaction Manager, Rollups on-chain and Cartesi Nodes, as can be seen in detail via the Cartesi Rollups article. Published the State Fold code implementation and an article describing this component, which is the first tool of Cartesi Rollups that aims to gather information from the blockchain in a reliable way.
  • Rollup Machine Manager: Finished the first version of the Rollup Machine Manager implementation and tests.
  • Noether’s PoS Delegation System: Launched the Staking Delegation first version on Ropsten Testnet, releasing the Beta version of Noether with staking pool support. Developed a simple faucet to allow getting Ropsten CTSI to stake on pools. Published two articles about Staking Delegation, one from the perspective of the User/CTSI holders that delegate the staking of their tokens to pools managed by individuals or institutions, and also an article from the Pool manager perspective. We will be migrating it to mainnet as soon as it’s secure and stable on testnet.
  • Cartesi Texas HODL’em: Launched the technical article of our upcoming fully decentralized poker game; Cartesi Texas HODL’em! Successfully filled the MVP registration and launched the website. New articles and developments coming soon.

If you’re a skilled engineer and interested in Cartesi, make sure to head over to our career openings or send an email to

We highly encourage any developer willing to use or collaborate with Cartesi to contact us on Discord. See you there!

Cartesi is a multi-chain layer-2 infrastructure that allows any software developer to create smart contracts with mainstream software tools and languages they are used to while achieving massive scalability and low costs. Cartesi combines a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups and side-chains to revolutionize the way developers create blockchain applications.

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