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Team Expansion, Blockchain Gaming, CTSI Kraken Listing & More!

0*RCg4TeMDzyDQ6k7c Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

August 31, 2021 A month of planning and strategic development for the Cartesi team!

August was a brilliant month of expansion for Cartesi, starting with welcoming nine new members to our team, a new listing on Kraken, and further expanding our relationship with the BGA through sponsorship. We’re not slowing down and have lots more in the pipeline — watch this space…

Following this, we gathered an amazing panel of speakers to unpack how blockchain is disrupting the gaming industry and what’s next in line for blockchain games. A range of perspectives (a gamer, a game developer, an investor, and two infrastructure providers), made for a really insightful conversation. If you missed our gaming panel, make sure to watch the replay.

We also saw a great number of updates for current projects, including releasing the final code for our Rollups series, Cartesi Node. For our poker showcase, we recorded a behind-the-scenes session with our tech team and also chatted with Polygon in an AMA on what our turn-based game smart contracts mean for the gaming industry. If you’re interested in staking, we also provided another option to set up and run your node via Linode. For those wanting to dive deep into our side-chain solution, we also released an article detailing Noether’s on-chain infrastructure.

Want to learn more about what happened in August? We’ve summarized each of them for you, have a read below.

Cartesi Rollups Rollout — Final Piece Released

0*nPurZsLmqU8zB3sk Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

August saw the last piece of our rollups solution released, the Cartesi Node. Wrapping up our series in which we saw the State Fold, Transaction Manager, and Rollups On-chain, our newest article details how these all work together with the Cartesi Node. Take a read to see how we’re empowering developers of all kinds to create complex DApps using traditional software, similar to those on the mainstream market today.

Cartesi Texas HODL’em — AMA with Polygon

Take a listen to Milton’s breakdown on how the smart contracts behind our Texas HODL’em Poker Showcase work, what this means for creating a fully decentralized turn-based game on Linux, and more:

Cartesi Texas HODL’em — Sneak Peek

Cartesi Side-Chain: Noether’s On-Chain Infrastructure

0*eGJNwt3WOzBsCMMw Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

Where our Rollups solution tackles scalability, Cartesi’s side chain provides a high-performance and cost-effective solution to building DApps via temporary data storage and a local consensus. Take a read to see how we’re removing barriers for the next generation of blockchain developers.

CTSI Expansion and Listings

0*cc9 Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

We were pleased to announce that Cartesi (CTSI) is now listed on one of the world’s largest exchanges, Kraken! Trading for CTSI on Kraken began on August 3, 2021, with both a direct Euro and USD fiat pair.

Consistently named one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online, you can start trading CTSI/EUR or CTSI/USD today.

Additionally, CTSI/USDT swaps are now live on Huobi Futures!

Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

August also saw us announce our sponsorship to the Blockchain Game Alliance family. BGA Sponsors also include industry giant Ubisoft, fellow friends and partners Polygon Technology, IOI CORPORATION, plus many more. With this sponsorship, we’re excited to build the next generation of decentralized games with Cartesi tech!

Development Recap

0*PRCPJowafmj sZvD Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

If you missed our August development recap make sure to take a look to get up to date with recent progress on Rollups, our Texas HODL’em Poker showcase, including its turn-based game infrastructure as well as progress on Noether’s PoS Delegation System. Read the developments in detail here.

Community Updates

0*W9TyrfZC IPRA 2l Cartesi’s August 2021 Monthly Report

Mid-August saw another milestone for Cartesi, hitting 50,000 followers on Twitter! We’d like to thank everyone for their support in our project and we’re excited to grow even bigger together. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates ahead.

Cartesi in the Media

BitBoy: 50x Linux Altcoin GEM (Cartesi Token has HUGE Potential)

Tech with Tim: An Introduction To DApps & Blockchain Technology

If you’re interested in developing with Cartesi, working with the team, or hanging out in our community, don’t forget to join us on Discord and follow along.

As always, if you have an idea, want to help with research, or have an existing project, make sure to apply to our $1,000,000 US Ecosystem Fund: the Cartesi Labs program!

Want to stay up to date? Make sure to join our announcements channel on Telegram or follow our Twitter.

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