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0*z3542W8fOlZqThIY Cartesi May 2021 Development Recap

Development Updates

During the last month, the Cartesi team worked vigilantly towards several upcoming Q2 milestones.

  • Cartesi Rollups: Continued work and implementation of Cartesi Rollups. Concluded coding of the “Output”, “Validator Manager” and “Descartes V2” contracts, all with basic unit test coverage done.
  • Machine Manager for Rollups: Architecture and design decisions of the Machine Manager for Rollups, with relevant progress on the implementation of the API to give support for future disputes on Cartesi’s architecture.
  • Noether’s Proof of Stake Delegation System: The team has finished coding the first phase of Noether’s Proof of Stake delegation system’s on-chain work. The first version of the Cartesi Explorer delegation staking front-end containing enhancements and new UI features to allow users to easily delegate their stake to pool managers is now also completed. We are now working on completing the Delegation system and it will be released on testnet soon. We are now entering the final internal testing phase before the public launch by the end of Q2.
  • Cartesi Explorer UI Improvements: Information regarding chances of producing a block, improvements to the calculator UI, and removal of references to the old protocol were completed.
  • Continued architecture and design decisions for Noether, Cartesi’s data availability side-chain.
  • Improvements and bug fixes to the Cartesi Machine on the emulator and solidity-step sides. We are now working on completing the Machine SDK which will be released soon.
  • Cartesi Improvement Proposals: Concluding research and design decisions for a decentralized governance system and it now being tested internally. Cartesi Governance will be released soon.
  • Continued implementation of Cartesi’s new decentralized poker game. The full Poker DApp technical article will be released soon.

If you’re a skilled engineer and interested in Cartesi, make sure to head over to our career openings or send an email to

We highly encourage any developer willing to use or collaborate with Cartesi to contact us on Discord or apply to Cartesi Labs. See you there!

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