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We’re supporting the growth of the brightest minds in software development and decentralized systems

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Having recently announced our partnership with IMPA, a world-renowned mathematics institute that will be working with us under a research grant and utilising some of the world’s smartest minds to explore the future of decentralized computing, we are exceedingly happy to unveil Cartesi Labs today.

Cartesi Labs offers a one-stop-shop for education, incubation, funding, and acceleration of project teams and founders looking to build on Cartesi’s game-changing platform. Collaborating with prominent mentors and with extended support from venture capital partners and niche accelerators, Cartesi Labs will be funded by the Cartesi Foundation with an initial amount of $1,000,000 US in available funds, consisting of four arms.

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Cartesi – Smart Contracts Taken to the Next Level –

Build smart contracts with mainstream software stacks. Take a productive leap from Solidity to the vast universe of…

Igniter Grant

Looking to support promising project founders and teams building in the Gaming, NFT, IoT and DeFi spaces; the Cartesi Labs Igniter Grant will bolster the growth of the Cartesi ecosystem.

The Cartesi Labs Igniter Grant aims to foster the adoption of Cartesi and grow the ecosystem through supporting our community, software developers, and companies who would like to ignite their ideas on Cartesi. In the first batch of the Igniter Grant program, Cartesi Labs will fund up to 25K USD per project.


The Cartesi Labs Accelerator program will nurture the innovations of tomorrow built on Cartesi, leaning on the expertise and invaluable knowledge of the Cartesi team and supporting mentors such as Serguei Popov, PhD, the Director of Research at our partner project IOTA. As well as guidance from the best in blockchain, projects will have unlimited access to Cartesi tools and products available on the platform; further financial support where needed will be provided by a selected list of accredited investors, venture capital firms, incubation partners and niche accelerators.

Toolmaker Grant

The broader adoption of decentralized computing first requires developers to have access to advanced but convenient tooling and infrastructure; the Toolmaker grant will support the world’s most talented technical pioneers on their quests into creating the toolkits that can help accelerate Cartesi for the next step in adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises worldwide.

Researcher Grant

Working alongside talented PhD’s at IMPA (Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada), Cartesi is pushing the envelope for what is possible with blockchain technology and decentralization.

Applicants of our Researcher grant can join us on our exploration into the future of decentralized computing — both institutions and individuals are invited to apply.

Learn from the best

We want to provide applicants with access to top tier expertise and insight that will accelerate their overall product development and, as well as support and guidance from the Cartesi team, participants in the Cartesi Labs programs will receive technical insight and mentorship from highly experienced professionals in blockchain, Web3, business development, mathematics, strategy and a whole lot more.

Mentors include executives from the Cartesi team, Arjun Krishan Kalsy, VP at Matic (Polygon), and Serguei Popov, PhD, Director of Research at IOTA, and more to come!

Trusted partners

We have support from respected venture capital funds and fellow blockchain platforms that will help projects within the Cartesi Labs programs achieve more and go further, faster.

This financial and technical support allows us to fully nurture early stage projects and enable them to reach their full potential on the Cartesi platform; with the previous winners of our DApp Incubation Program already making waves in the NFT, e-Sports and IoT sectors, we are confident that many more trailblazing products, protocols and platforms will be built in the coming months with the guidance and support Cartesi Labs will provide.

We are immensely proud and excited to be launching Cartesi Labs and look forward to submissions from the thousands of highly talented software development professionals out there looking to build tomorrow’s innovations on Cartesi!

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