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Learn about Cartesi and earn CTSI Rewards!

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Following our listing on Coinbase earlier this year, we’re launching a Coinbase Earn campaign to introduce even more people to our project and keep growing our community!

Growing the Cartesi Community

This initiative with Coinbase Earn can grow our community: create a new amount of CTSI holders, and raise awareness of the Cartesi project and our mission to bring the next million developers to blockchain.

We are always eager to educate and welcome newcomers to the blockchain space. The more people who begin to believe in this new and inclusive world that we are co-creating, the better. For newcomers, Coinbase Earn is a very appealing way to get started in blockchain and crypto and to learn about the different blockchain projects and their tokens.

Got a friend or family member you’d like to introduce to Cartesi and make them earn their first CTSI? Let them know about Coinbase Earn and help bring more people to blockchain and to Cartesi Project in particular!

How to earn CTSI through Coinbase Earn?

  • Simply watch a series of short videos in Coinbase Earn/CTSI to start learning about Cartesi.
  • Complete a short quiz of just three questions to test your knowledge about the Cartesi project.
  • If you answer wrong, it doesn’t matter. You can try it as often as you like until you choose the right answer.
  • You will be rewarded with a small amount of CTSI.

Make the most of your CTSI

If you decide to expand your amount of CTSI: it is very easy to acquire our token as it’s on Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and other leading exchanges.
You can also decide to get rewarded for holding your CTSI by staking. You can stake your CTSI via Cartesi’s Noether PoS system’s staking delegation which is now fully launched on mainnet. Since Noether is completely decentralized, there are no risks to your CTSI and you maintain complete ownership at all times. If the pool you are staking to does not run its node properly, you can easily move to another one.

Noether’s Staking Delegation Full Mainnet Release is Now Live!

Thoroughly tested, audited, and fully decentralized

Who can participate?

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