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Friends, subscribers, BitSquad: I take no pleasure in saying this, but I’m duty-bound to speak the truth. Cardano… is finished. It’s done. Extinct. In fact let’s call it… CarDodo. And look, we’ve supported them forever but it’s time to face the facts. Charles has been selling us snake oil. After 6 years of so-called R & D, a pseudo-scientific ‘peer-review’ approach… CarDodo has some serious concurrency issues and can’t even handle a simple DEX. Time you sell your bags?

Absolutely not.

Don’t fall for the FUD people. Because far from being a dodo, Cardano is a go-go. And it’s gearing up to fly. Smart contracts are only a few days away. The update proposal has been submitted. Hashtag ReadyForAlonzo is trending among nerds. And the Hard Fork Combinator event is locked in for September 12th. It’s the end of a long and winding chapter, and the beginning of an exciting new era for one the most promising blockchains around.

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