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ByBit Games Begin on November 18th

The ByBit Games Trading Competition is set to begin on November 28th, but registration for teams starts on November 18th. The ByBit Games trading competition will last from 11/28 through 12/13.

The trading competition, dubbed the "BTC Brawl" will be one of the biggest trading competitions yet in the world of cryptocurrency. There will 100 Bitcoin up for grabs in this leverage trading competition.

BitBoy Crypto is proud to be a team captain for the ByBit Games. Users can sign up under the BitBoy Crypto team beginning on Monday, November 18th at

During the ByBit Games, not only will teams battle it out for the 100 BTC prize pool, but the will also be able to see a 20% reduction in fees. Only traders on ByBit who are participating in the competition will save the 20% on fees. Also, by choosing a team to trade under users will be able to earn up to $50 in a participation bonus.

In addition to the team competition, individual prizes are also going to be up for grabs. You can see a chart showing the distribution of the team and individual prizes:

bybit games prizes

The competition will strictly be a BTC trading competition so while traders can utilize ETH, EOS, & XRP for regular trading activities those trades will not count for the competition.

The breakdown for scoring during the ByBit Games trading competition is as follows:

Team Prize

  • TOP 10 ranked teams based on team's average profitability.
  • Team's profitability (PnL)
  • Team profitability = Sum of top 10 players' [final equity - (initial equity + deposit during competition) - withdrawal during competition] / sum of top 10 players' (initial equity + deposit during competition)

Individual Prize

  • TOP 10 ranked players (including team leaders and team members) based on personal profitability (PnL).
  • Player profitability (PnL)
  • Player profitability = [final equity - (initial equity + deposit during competition) - withdrawal during competition] / (initial equity + deposit during competition)
  • Players with no BTC trading activities or negative earnings during the competition will not be excluded.

Once the registration period is over and the competition begins, no users will be allowed to pick a team. So make sure to sign up under the BitBoy Crypto team today!


Note: This page does contain referral links for the ByBit Trading Platform. Remember leverage trading is not a guaranteed investment. Please be responsible with your finances.

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