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Fast Food behemoth Burger King is launching a new NFT (Non-Fungible Token) campaign with the NFT marketplace Sweet called, Burger King Real Meals NFT.

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Burger King Sees An Opportunity With NFT Collectible Game

The Burger King Real Meals NFT campaign will feature QR codes that will be placed on six million meal boxes, unlocking digital collectible game pieces that go toward winning other rewards. This initiative is to kick off the marketing highlighting the elimination of a whoppering (whopping)120 artificial ingredients from Burger King’s menu.

The NFT collection is part of Burger King’s ‘Keep It Real Meals’ campaign, which is done in partnership with celebrities — Nelly, Anitta, and LILHUDDY. Each celebrity has a set, consisting of — behind the scenes footage, a signature, and a flip card for each of its fast-food items according to the event website.

Game Piece Descriptions: For each Artist, there are three (3) different Game Pieces: Flippable, Real Signature and Behind the Scenes. Each Game Piece will also have one of three (3) suit icons “Suits” stamped in the corner of Game Piece: Fries, Shake, and Burger (each a “Suit”), for a total of nine (9) unique Game Pieces for each Artist. The odds of receiving each Game Piece are as set forth in the chart below:

Flippable + Shake
Odds: 2:10
Real Signature + Shake
Odds: 1: 10
Behind the Scenes + Shake
Odds: 3:100
Flippable + Fries
Odds: 2:10
Real Signature + Fries
Odds: 1: 10
Behind the Scenes + Fries
Odds: 3:100
Flippable + Burger
Odds: 2: 10
Real Signature + Burger
Odds: 1: 10
Behind the Scenes + Burger
Odds: 3:100

Collecting the digital collectible sets allow customers to unlock a fourth NFT, which allows them to win numerous prizes ranging from 3D Burger King digital collectibles, Whopper sandwiches for a year, autographed goods, and much more.

So what is a set?

According to the contest website, a “set” consists of “three (3) different Game Pieces for that Artist, all stamped with the same “Suit.” For example Flippable + Fries, Real Signature + Fries, and Behind the Scenes + Fries, is a Set; whereas Flippable + Fries, Real Signature + Fries and Behind the Scenes + Shake is NOT a Set.”

Once a participant collects a Set for a given Artist, an entrant will be awarded a special 3D Burger King NFT or an NFT awarding one of the other limited Prizes offered for the applicable Artist. Within the Sweet Platform, you will be able to trade any Game Piece you hold in your Sweet Account, as long as the Game Piece has not been used to a complete a Set. Just follow the instructions and prompts on the Platform. There is no limit on the number of Game Pieces you may retain in your Account. During the Promotion Game pieces cannot be removed from the Sweet Platform.

In order to play, participants have to create a Sweet NFT account that will house the games pieces. As with all contests, those hosting the event need to provide a way for people to win without purchasing a product. To Enter without purchasing a Burger King meal you can CLICK HERE and follow the links and instructions to select your Artist from the three Artists. You will then be prompted to follow the links and instructions to agree to the event’s Official Rules.

“We’re taking more of an enterprise solutions-based approach to NFTs,” Sweet founder and CEO Tom Mizzone told Marketing Dive. “How do you enable brands to go beyond crypto art drops and move into consumer experiences?”

This comes after Burger King’ launched its digital loyalty program offering its customers the ability to earn 10 points for every $1 spent by ordering on the Burger King app or website, which can be redeemed for free items across Burger King’s entire menu.

Burger King is far from the first brand worldwide to jump into NFTs.

However, Burger King seems to be the first fast-food chain to combine NFT utility with other digital collectibles in such a gamified way for a collectible game.

BItboy Crypto has previously reported that major brands were diving headfirst into the deep end of the NFT pool with the likes of companies like Budweiser, Visa, Taco Bell, Charmin, Louis Vutton, and many more. Now Burger King has joined the mix, showcasing that the NFT trend is only in its infancy stages with only three fast-food companies, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Burger King thus far that have created NFT collections.

As Sweet’s CEO, Mizzone, states the NFT craze is just starting. “I started my first company in ’95, and we were all ‘surfing the web’ on Netscape Navigator, and we were like, ‘Oh, my gosh, the internet’s arrived. What more could it ever become?'” he stated. “We’re just scratching the surface [with NFTs] and we really want to be pushing the boundaries on how we can empower brands and consumers around this technology.”

Bitcoin is currently trading at [FIAT: $42,374.90] DOWN -3.4% in the last 24 hours according to Coingecko at the time of this report.

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