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Like Bitcoin in 2013, the DeFi summer of 2020, and the NFT explosion in 2021, a new era for crypto has been painted onto the canvas and it already has the gains to show for it: The Metaverse. By the end of Halloween night, many coins involved with the Metaverse experienced paranormal gains in response to the beginning of Facebooks final chapter. MANA, BLOK, SAND and ENJ to name a few, all underwent some face melting gains as a direct result of Zuckerburg’s announcement of META. It’s clear and obvious that the next big winners in crypto will be the coins that front run the inevitable transition to the Meta-Future of society. Within days of the announcement of META, Vitalik Buterin quickly rolled out his proposal for “Crypto Cities”. This illustrates that: when the world wants to paint a picture of what the future will look like, Ethereum already has a brush in its hand. This Meta-Future won’t happen overnight, but every masterpiece starts with a single stroke.

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